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Critique 256 – Alcohol consumption and health outcomes among 70 year olds in Sweden 22 Aug 2022 
Critique 255 –  Wine consumption and the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly 29 June 2022
Critique 254– The relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of glioma tumors of the brain 5 January 2022
Critique 253 – The relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of glioma tumors of the brain 5 January 2022
Wine in Moderation round table with ISFAR and AIM Council members Dec 2021
Critique 252:  Dealing with previous alcohol exposure among “current non-drinkers” in epidemiologic studies testing the J-shaped curve 3 December 2021
Moderate drinking – is it still a healthy lifestyle choice? Dec 2021
Critique 251: Does moderate drinking increase, or decrease, the risk of falls in middle-age to elderly adults?   1 November 2021
Critique 250: Importance of a favorable pattern of drinking (regularly, and with food) on risk of mortality

28 Jul 2021

Critique 249:  Does light-to-moderate drinking increase the risk of atrial fibrillation?   23 June 2021
Alcohol and breast cancer: A study in weak associations - A three part paper by Erik Skovenborg MD May 2021
Critique 248:  Association of Alcohol Consumption with Cataract Surgery 19 April 2021
Critique 247:  Effects of alcohol consumption on risk of stroke and systemic embolism among subjects with atrial fibrillation 15 March 2021
Critique 246: Light to moderate alcohol intake and the risk of cancer 8 Feb 2021
Critique 245:  Effects of different patterns of alcohol consumption on risk of mortality, major cardiovascular events, cirrhosis, and cancer  25 Jan 2021
Critique 244:  Is “ideal cardiovascular health” more common among consumers of wine than among drinkers of other beverages?  18 Dec 2020
Critique 243:  Does the “quality” of the diet modify the relation of alcohol intake to the risk of hypertension?   19 Oct 2020
Critique 242:  The relation of light alcohol consumption to the risk of common cancers       1 Oct 2020
Critique 241:  A Mendelian randomization study of alcohol consumption and the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer reveals no significant associations 22 Jul 2020 
Critique 240:  Are there health risks from amounts of alcohol referred to as being within “low-risk drinking” guidelines?    8 July 2020
Critique 239:  Does the source of funding of epidemiologic studies on alcohol and health affect their results? 28 May 2020
Critique 238:  Differences in evaluating confounding in epidemiologic studies when judging the effects of alcohol consumption on the risk of cardiovascular disease   7 Apr 2020
Critique 237:  Relation of alcohol consumption in the elderly to the chances of reaching 90 years of age    2 March 2020

Critique 236.  Reasons for apparently diverse results from epidemiologic studies relating alcohol consumption to the risk of breast cancer                                     

19 Feb 2020
Critique 235:  Does type of alcohol or drinking pattern explain greater adverse effects of alcohol consumption among lower socio-economic subjects?    15 Jan 2020
Critique 234:  Effects of red wine consumption on gut microbiota that affect health and disease 14 Nov 2019
Critique 233:  The relation of alcohol consumption to the development of dementia, with very extensive evaluations of the latter 7 Nov 2019
Critique 232:  Does moderate drinking of alcohol in later life reduce the risk of mortality?  3 Sep 2019
Critique 231:  Association of alcohol consumption with obesity: Does moderate drinking increase or decrease the risk of obesity? 20 Aug 2019
Alcohol and the liver by Helena Conibear Aug 2019
Critique 230:  An extensive review of the role of dietary constituents (foods, nutrients, and beverages) in the development of diabetes  1 August 2019
Critique 229:  A J-shaped curve for the relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of colorectal cancer 10 July 2019
Steps to Refine the “J-Shaped Curve” by R. Curtis Ellison, MD May 2019
Critique 227: A reduced risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) associated with the intake of some alcoholic beverages 29 May 2019
Critique 226:Consumption of red wine may lower the risk of lethal prostate cancer —-    16 May 2019
Critique 225:  Moderate alcohol consumption may lower the risk of chronic kidney disease 8 April 2019
Critique 224: A brief summary of the association between wine/alcohol consumption and health in diabetics 12 March 2019
Critique 223: A new major review of the relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of dementia 17 Jan 2019
Critique 222. A new analysis relating alcohol intake to coronary heart disease 20 Dec 2018
Critique 221: The relation of alcohol intake to stomach cancer 20 Nov 2018
Critique 220: An unusual analysis relating alcohol intake to mortality 16 Oct 2018
The International Meeting on Alcohol and Global Health 10 Oct 2018
Critique 219: A global overview of alcohol consumption and health 3 Sep 2018
Critique 218: Long-term study of alcohol intake and the risk of Alzheimer Disease or other types of dementia 21 Aug 2018
Critique 217: Alcohol, cancer, and mortality: Further affirmation of the J-shaped curve for mortality and increase in incidence of cancer with larger intake of alcohol 9 Jul 2018
Critique 216: Strong effects of five lifestyle factors on risk of mortality and longevity of life 31 May 2018
Critique 215: Long-term effects of smoking and moderate drinking on the quality and longevity of life of elderly women 9 May 2018
Critique 214: Some methodologic problems in a recent paper urging changes in drinking guidelines 23 Apr 2018
Critique 213: A meta-analysis on lifestyle factors, cardiovascular disease, and total mortality for a very large number of middle-aged and elderly women 27 Mar 2018
Critique 212: Is it the alcohol or other substances in wine that lead to beneficial health effects? 15 Mar 2018
Critique 211 Effects of alcohol and aldehydes on DNA and risk of cancer; potential implications from a study in mice 22 Jan 2018
Critique 210: Beer, wine, and spirits consumption and risk of gastric cancer – 8 January 2018 8 Jan 2018
Critique 209: Does alcohol intake increase the risk of obesity? 13 Dec 2017
Critique 208: A statement on alcohol and cancer that ignores the net health effects of moderate drinking, such as increasing longevity of life 16 Nov 2017
Critique 207: Effects on birth weight and risk of preterm birth of light-to-moderate drinking during pregnancy 2 Nov 2017
Critique 206: Importance of considering cultural factors in determining effects on health of alcohol consumption Octr 2017
Critique 205: A very large population-based study of the association of alcohol consumption with total and disease-specific mortality Sep 2017
Critique 204: Moderate drinking improves the chances for healthy survival to age 85 Aug 2017
Critique 203: Moderate alcohol intake may reduce, not increase, the risk of falls in the elderly Aug 2017
Critique 202: Importance of folate intake for reducing breast cancer risk from alcohol consumption, especially for women with a positive family history of breast cancer Jul 2017
Critique 201: The marked effect of lifestyle on mortality Jun 2017
Critique 200: Does Light Drinking Increase the Risk of Cancer? Jun 2017
Critique 199: Potential mechanisms for the greater risk and fewer health advantages from alcohol consumption for subjects with low socio-economic status May 2017
Critique 198: A study of alcohol and cardiovascular disease based on “Big Data,” linked electronic medical records from the population Apr 2017
Critique 197: Alcohol consumption and the risk of developing dementia Apr 2017
Critique 196: Adverse health effects of binge drinking on cardiovascular disease Feb 2017
Critique 195: How much of the “health benefits” of alcohol relate to higher socio-economic status of drinkers? Dec 2016
Is the evidence base really shifting for low risk drinking guidelines? Nov 2016
Critique 194: Long-term alcohol use and mortality among Swedish women Nov 2016
Critique 193: The association of reported alcohol intake with the risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage: A meta-analysis Oct 2016
Critique 192: The association of alcohol consumption with the risk of prostate cancer Sep 2016
Critique 191: A new study on the mechanisms of alcohol’s effects on health and disease Aug 2016
Critique 190: Alcohol intake during middle age and later atherosclerosis Augt 2016
Critique 189: Importance of drinking pattern on the effects of wine on health Jul 2016
Critique 188: Alcohol-attributable cancer in New Zealand June 2016
Critique 187: Alcohol and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin June 2016
Critique 186: Changes in alcohol and effects on risk of breast cancer and heart disease May 2016
Critique 185: An innovative assessment of alcohol consumption and the risk of atrial fibrillation April 2016
Critique 184: A major new meta-analysis on alcohol consumption and the risk of pancreatic cancer April 2016
Critique 183: An unusual analysis of the association of alcohol consumption with mortality March 2016
Critique 182: A major meta-analysis on the association of alcohol consumption with the risk of diabetes mellitus March 2016
Critique 181: Support for a causal role of alcohol consumption in improving the lipid profile Feb 2016
Critique 180: The association of alcohol intake with total mortality risk among women Feb 2016
Workshop on the contribution of alcohol education to reduce underage drinking, 20th October 2015 Nov 2015
Alcohol Education Programmes to Help Reduce Underage Drinking Nov 2015
Critique 179: Response to proposed guidelines regarding alcohol consumption in “Guidelines for a Healthy Diet” from the the Health Council of the Netherlands Jan 2016
Critique 178: The association of alcohol intake with health-related quality of life Jan 2016
Critique 177: A clinical trial testing the effects of alcohol on inflammatory markers Dec 2015
Critique 176: A New Report on Alcohol Consumption and Total Mortality Risk Dec 2015
Critique 174: Two-year clinical trial of wine administration in diabetics who were previous abstainers or very-light drinkers Oct 2015
Critique 173: A Large Study of the Association of Alcohol with the Risk of Acute Myocardial Infarction Oct 2015
Critique 172: Alcohol and the risk of developing diabetes Oct 2015
Critique 171: A global assessment of alcohol and health Sep 2015
Critique 170: An update on the association of alcohol consumption with the risk of cancer Sep 2015
Critique 169: Effects of IQ on risk of morbidity and mortality related to alcohol consumption Aug 2015
Critique 168: Effects of alcohol on blood pressure in women: A randomized trial Jul 2015
Critique 167: What determines a person’s belief that “alcohol is heart-healthy?” Jul 2015
Critique 166: The association between alcohol consumption and suicidal ideation and suicidal attempt Jul 2015
Critique 165: Fibre intake may modify the association of alcohol consumption with certain hormone-dependent cancers Jul 2015
Critique 164: Why are the harmful effects of alcohol consumption greater among people with low education and income? Jul 2015
Critique 163: The association of alcohol consumption with the risk of developing heart failure May 2015
Critique 162: What is the association between alcohol consumption and cancer? Apr 2015
Critique 161: The effects of alcohol consumption on the risk of hip fracture Mar 2015
Critique 160: Do the calories in alcoholic beverages lead to increased obesity? Mar 2015
Critique 159: Alcohol as a component of the Mediterranean-type diet; effects on the risk of mortality among diabetics Mar 2015
Critique 158: Comments on Alcohol Recommendations included in the Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Mar 2015

Critique 157: A mistaken interpretation of data relating alcohol to mortality

Feb 2015
Critique 156: The pattern of alcohol consumption and risk of cirrhosis Feb 2015
Critique 155: The effects of alcohol consumption on the risk of developing heart failure Jan 2015
Nature’s Medicine? by Erik Skovenborg Jan 2015
Critique 154: Effects of changes in alcohol consumption on risk of dementia among elderly women – 12 January 2015 Jan 2015
Critique 153: Moderate alcohol intake may lower the risk of developing diabetes among obese subjects – 11 December 2014 Dec 2014
Critique 152: Specific genetic factors modify the reduction in heart disease risk from alcohol consumption Nov 2014
Critique 151: “Fetal alcohol syndromes” result from multiple maternal factors during pregnancy Nov 2014
Commentary on Simons LA. Alcohol intake and survival in Australian seniors: the Dubbo Study by Creina Stockley Nov 2014
Beer and Health Conference, Brussels, 30th September 2014 by Helena Conibear Oct 2014
Critique 150: A new meta-analysis on the relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of ischemic heart disease Oct 2014
Critique 149: The association of alcohol consumption with the risk of death from colorectal cancer Oct 2014
Critique 148: Alcohol and liver cancer Oct 2014
Critique 147: Association of alcohol intake with different types of breast cancer Sep 2014
Critique 146: Alcohol and the risk of abdominal aortic aneurysm Sep 2014
Critique 145: Alcohol consumption and brain structure on MRI scans Aug 2014
Critique 144: Alcohol consumption and risk of endometrial cancer Aug 2014
Critique 143: A Mendelian randomization assessment of alcohol and cardiovascular disease July 2014
Critique 142: A large study of alcohol consumption and mortality July 2014
Critique 141: A world-wide study of alcohol consumption and the risk of myocardial infarction July 2014
Critique 140: A meta-analysis shows that light alcohol consumption is associated with a reduced risk of stroke, while heavier drinking may increase risk July 2014
Critique 139: Does adjustment for stress levels explain the protective effect of moderate drinking on the risk of mortality? May 2014
Critique 138: Underreporting of alcohol intake affects the relation of alcohol to the risk of cancer April 2014
Is there a safe level of alcohol consumption? by Helena Conibear April 2014
Critique 137: Alcohol intake prior to and during pregnancy and birth outcomes Mar 2014
Critique 136: Alcohol’s effects on cardiovascular risk among subjects with diabetes mellitus Mar 2014
Critique 135: Binge drinking greatly increases mortality risk among moderate drinkers Mar 2014
Critique 134: Comments on “Section 2.3, Alcohol Consumption,” from the “World Cancer Report 2014” issued by the World Health Organization Feb 2014
Critique 133: Alcohol intake may lower the risk of developing multiple sclerosis – Feb 2014
A brief history of alcohol and warfare By Rupert Millar Feb 2014
Drinkaware annual conference ‘2014, A catalyst for change?’ Feb 2014
Critique 132: Pattern of alcohol consumption and cause of death in a large European prospective study Jan 2014
Critique 131: Effects of alcohol consumption on the risk of gout Dec 2013
Critique 130: How alcohol consumption may interact with genetic factors that relate to health and disease Dec 2013
Critique 129: Association of alcohol consumption with skin cancer; A report from the Women’s Health Initiative Nov 2013
Expansion of alcohol education outreaches for schools in Nordic Regions Dec 2013
Key messages from Wine Health 2013 – International Wine and Health Conference, Sydney by Creina Stockley, Health and Regulatory Information Manager, Oc 2013
International sensible drinking guidelines Nov 2013
Blood Alcohol Concentration Driving Limits - worldwide Nov 2013
Legal drinking age table - worldwide Nov 2013
AIM 21st birtday conference - Alcohol education, what works for young people Oct 2012
AIM 21st birtday conference -The development of lower alcohol beverages, with a spotlight on successful markets and innovations Oct 2012
Is it merely a myth that alcoholic beverages such as red wine can be cardioprotective? by Creina Stockley MSc MBA May 2012
Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Study (HBSC): 2009/2010 report May 2012
Alcohol and human health: Sorting out the facts... by Creina Stockley MSc MBA April 2012
Alcohol consumption and cancer: there’s more to the story - a perspective from Australia Creina Stockley MSc MBA Feb 2012
Public Consultation on the Australian Dietary Guidelines Febr 2012
UK Science an Technology committee - Eleventh report - Alcohol Guidelines Jan 2012
EU Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action - 9th meeting, Brussels Nov 2011 Jan 2012
Alcohol consumption and the elderly, do adult responsible drinking
guidelines apply?
Dec 2011
Breast cancer and its association with alcohol
Creina Stockley, Msc MBA
Nove 2011
'Alcohol policy rooted in partnership can deliver long-term change' by Jeremy Beadles , Chief Executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, UK Apr 2011
The metabolism of alcohol and its effects on estimating blood alcohol concentration April 2011

New Canadian Low Risk Guidelines agreed

April 2011
Social aspects and communication regarding alcohol and health via national drinking guidelines March 2011
US 2010 Dietary Guidelines released March 2011
Paternalism versus evidence based public health messages - an
important debate is aired
Jany 2011
Short life span for long-life-span resveratrol?
By Harvey E. Finkel, M.D.
Jan 2011
Drinking and our health – a review of current evidence, by Helena Conibear Jan 2011
Two UK papers explore the influence of the family and parenting on
young people and alcohol
Dec 2010
New data on the effects of alcohol during pregnancy Nov 2010
4th Wine and Health Conference, Friuli, Italy 1-4 October 2010 Nov 2010
The International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research meets UK health editors Nov 2010
Alcohol and ageing – can we continue to drink? by Creina Stockley Nov 2010
WSTA Conference Report Nov 2010
A 42-Year-Old Man Considering Whether to Drink Alcohol for His Health, Kenneth J. Mukamal Aug 2010
Comments on Proposed US Dietary Guidelines, 2010 Aug 2010

European drinking trends: The way we drink now by Helena Conibear

Jul 2010

Eurobarometer report on EU 27 drinking habits

Jul 2010
Talking To Kids About Alcoho l- A guide for parents and carers Jul 2010
Alcohol and You - Facts about alcohol, staying safe and what to do if things go wrong (teenage guide) Jul 2010

Talking to kids about alcohol - Presentation to encourage parents to talk to their kids about alcohol in an engaging and proactive way

July 2010
Does alcohol adversely affect an adolescent’s brain? by Creina Stockley MSc MBA July 2010
The International Scientific Forum for Alcohol Research is founded July 2010
Comments on Proposed US Dietary Guidelines, 2010 July 2010
Conference report - Environment and society forum - Drinking spaces and places: Examining who drinks alcohol where and why? March 2010
Comments on 'Alcohol and Food: Making the Public Health Connections' published by the Centre for Public Health, Liverpool JMU January 2010 March 2010
Folate consumption and alcohol intake by Lynn Gretkowski March 2010
Predicting risks genetically, by Harvey E.Finkel M.D January 2010
As UK Alcohol consumption continues decline in 2009, why aren’t hospital admissions and alcohol attributable fractions falling? December 2009
Detailed analysis of International research concerning alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breast feeding by Creina S. Stockley, The Australian Wine Research Institute November 2009
The wise drinkers guide October 2009
Adrian Furnham - Alcohol and Young Adults October 2009
Interview with Curt Ellison, Epidemiologist, Boston University October 2009
Development of the lower alcohol wine market in the UK October 2009
Walla Walla Alcohol and Health conference July 2009 - Responsible Drinking Efforts towards a global solution
August 2009
The Wine and Spirit Trade Association - Response to ‘Selling Alcohol Responsibly: A Consultation on the New Code of Practice for Alcohol Retailers’ August 2009
Overview of the 5th International Wine & Health Summit 2009 August 2009
UK cancer charity concern at rises in oral cancer August 2009
A review of moderate drinking in respect to The Million Women Study by Dr Philip Norrie July 2009
Cider and Health - a historic overview by Dr Erik Skovenborg June 2009
Mass media and advertising - adolescents and alcohol May 2009
Bootleg a threat to life and health by Christopher Jarnvall May 2009
Life is a J-shaped curve by Harvey E. Finkel, M.D. May 2009
Drinking in the UK - An exploration of trends by Helena Conibear May 2009
Key extracts from the report on trends in alcohol use among 15 -16 year olds in 35 European countries May 2009
Expert report on lifestyle and cancer - findings for alcohol by Dr. Erik Skovenborg Apr 2009

Annual Report: 2008 - Institute on Lifestyle & Health , Boston University School of Medicine

Apr 2009
World trends in drink drive prevention Mar 2009
'Eliminating What Is Pleasurable AND Good for Us - Drinking and Sex' by Stanton Peele Ph.D Mar 2009
Alcohol and cancer - have there been any new revelations in the recent studies on alcohol and cancer? by Helena Conibear, Executive Director, AIM Mar 2009
'Policy and Action for Cancer Prevention Food, Nutrition, and Physical Activity: a Global Perspective' report from the World Cancer Research Fund Mar 2009
Moderate alcohol intake and cancer incidence in women Mar 2009
Charter establishing the European Alcohol and Health Forum Mar 2009
The Brewers of Europe’s Commitments under the EU Alcohol & Health Forum Mar 2009
Survey of European and US drinking habits Feb 2009
Total consumption of alcohol continues to fall in France Feb 2009
Branded consumption and social identification - young people and alcohol Feb 2009
What does it take to change behaviour? Kicking bad habits Feb 2008
The liver - a complex diagnosis by Helena Conibear Dec 2008
Is alcohol consumption good for you? Results from the Canadian Community Health Survey Dec 2008
WHO submission - The case for moderate drinking Nov 2008
Westminster Health Forum on Alcohol and Responsibility Nov 2008
Scotland’s radical alcohol policy agenda provokes national debate in UK Nov 2008
Response to ‘Safe, Sensible, Social – consultation on further action’ by AIM – Alcohol in Moderation Oct 2008
Social Marketing Strategy for harmful drinkers Oct 2008
Insight & action to help reduce levels of hazardous & harmful drinking Oct 2008
Secular Trends in Alcohol Consumption over 50 Years: The Framlingham Study Oct 2008
Alcohol attributable fractions for England Sept 2008
KPMG findings on UK Social Responsibility Standards Sept 2008
Alcohol as a cause of cancer - findings from the Australian Cancer Institute, New South Wales Aug 2008
The turning tides of intoxication: young people’s drinking in Britain in the 2000s Aug 2008
Communicating Through Government Agencies RICHARD HARDING, PHD, AND CREINA S. STOCKLEY, MSC, MBA Jul 2008
Sensible Drinking Guidelines - worldwide Jun 2008
The Youth Alcohol Action Plan by Helena Conibear, Executive Director, AIM Jun 2008
More on red wine’s healthfulness By Harvey E. Finkel, M.D May 2008
Updated facts about the consumption of alcohol and its association with breast cancer by Creina Stockley, Health and Regulatory Information manager, The Australian Wine Research Institute May 2008
AIM Forum Report - ‘There should be a mind set change from ‘marketing drinks responsibly’ to ‘marketing responsible drinking itself’ Apr 2008
Has the Licensing Act 2003 made an impact in Britain? by Helena Conibear Feb 2008
Enhanced moderate drinking findings Jan 2008
Do we need the alcohol in our wine? by Harvey E. Finkel, M.D. Jan 2008
Diet, drinking, lifestyle and cancer risk - a comprehensive review Nov 2007
Alcohol Health Alliance - Why now? Nov 2007
Alcohol advertising and youth - rare praise for US drinks industry Sept 2007
Statistics on Alcohol: England 2007 July 2007
‘Safe. Sensible. Social’ - Government releases the revised National Alcohol Strategy for England June 2007
Consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle focus on lower alcohol products June 2007
Encouraging trends June 2007
Review of the Australian Alcohol Guidelines: Health risks and benefits (2001) by Creina S. Stockley, Health and Regulatory Information Manager, The Australian Wine Research Institute June 2007
Annals of epidemiology May 2007
Alcohol and You May 2007
Eurobarometer report 2007 Apr 2007
Responsible drinks retailing conference - 20th March 2007 Apr 2007
Alcohol - Boon or Bane for the elderly ? - Part 3 by Erik Skovenborg Mar 2007
A Reducing Harms from Youth Drinking Feb 2007
Alcohol - Boon or Bane for the elderly ? - Part 2 by Erik Skovenborg Feb 2007
Alcohol - Boon or Bane for the elderly ? - Part I by Erik Skovenborg Jan 2007
Antioxidants - never out of the news Dec 2006
Commission adopts Communication on reducing alcohol related harm in Europe Nov 2006
Global Authoritative Drinking Guidelines on Moderation: Understanding Potential Risks and Benefits for the Individual and Public at Large Nov 2006
How have levels of drink drive been reduced effectively? Sep 2006
AIM response to World Health Organisation call for stakeholder responses to the magnitude of health problems related to alcohol and possible solutions

Submitted September 2006

Rising alcohol levels in wine - is this a cause for concern?

Aug 2006

New figures on UK alcohol related deaths Aug 2006

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