Dr Erik Skovenborg
Erik Skovenborg is a General Practitioner who has developed a deep interest in the health implications of drinking and health, culminating in him becoming a founder member of the Scandinavian Medical Alcohol Board (SMAB), part of the AIM Editorial Board and author of Wine and Health - Myths and Facts.

Having graduated as an M.D., Erik practised as a G.P.,after 5 years hospital training. He began to read articles on alcohol and health so as to answer patients questions. I soon began to wonder how come that most articles concerned alcohol abuse. In my practice I could observe that most of my patients had no alcohol problems and were actually very moderate consumers. From then on I started to look for literature on the effects of moderate alcohol consumption, and slowly but thoroughly I worked my way into every aspect of alcohol and health. The advantage of being a G.P. is that you have to be broad minded. We have to know something about everything. At the same time I have the privilege and the obligation to take care of ordinary patients with common symptoms - every day.

Erik Skovenborg is currently researching the effects wine, other alcohol and red wine powder in Apo-E knock-out mice. He is also investigating Danish doctors knowledge of the health effects of moderate alcohol consumption. An important part of his present work involves lecturing to those in the medical profession on the role of alcohol and health. I feel that my role in AIM - and in SMAB is to have sufficient knowledge and scientific training to be able to read and understand the new alcohol and health articles of today and then to pass that knowledge on to my patients,readers and my distinguished colleagues in an understandable form.

It is also an important fact that my work for AIM is a non-profit work, I am not financially dependable on the Alcohol and Health part of my activities. I still make my living as an ordinary G.P., taking care of sore throats and aching tummies every day. In that way I am free to say what I believe.