Creina Stockley MSc, MBA
Health and Regulatory Manager, The Australian Wine Research Institute

Creina Stockley

Creina Stockley, a clinical pharmacologist, has been Health and Regulatory Information Manager at The Australian Wine Research Institute for the past 19 years, and is an Affiliate Senior Lecturer in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide. In 1997, she was appointed the Australian government representative on the Nutrition and Health Subcommission of the Organisation International de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV), was Vice-president of the OIV Nutrition and Wine Expert Group from 2001-2007 and is currently President of the OIV Food Safety Expert Group. In 2004, she was appointed as an international advisor to the Center for Wine and Cardiovascular Health, University of Alabama and has acted as an independent expert for the Australian Government Department of Health and Aging.  She was a keynote speaker and Member of the Scientific Committee for the Vin Salud Wine and Health International Congress 2003 (Chile) and Vindaba Wine and Health International Congress 2005 (South Africa) and the Vin Salud Wine and Health International Congress 2007 (Bordeaux, France).

She is actively involved in the preparation of alcohol policy, such the recently reviewed NHMRC Australian Alcohol Guidelines. She is also a member of National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre’s Young People and Alcohol Project Advisory Group. In addition, she has been actively involved in research projects, such as gender differences in alcohol metabolism in conjunction with the University of Melbourne; the potential cancer- and cardio-protective properties of wine, in conjunction with the CSIRO Health Sciences and Nutrition, the University of Western Australia and the Heart Research Institute; and the identification and measurement of potential allergens of wine in conjunction with the Department of Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory Medicine and Monash University at The Alfred. A research project, in conjunction with the Melbourne Health Research Directorate of the Royal Melbourne Hospital commenced recently on the effects of wine-derived resveratrol on colorectal cancer. She has published in excess of 40 peer-reviewed papers, 50 non-peer-reviewed papers and three book chapters, and has presented papers at in excess of 60 conferences.

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