Arne Svilaas - MD PhD

We are very pleased to welcome Arne Svilaas, MD, to AIM’s Social, Scientific and Medical Council.
Arne Svilaas, MD PhD is Chief Consultant at the Lipid Clinic, Medical Department, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway. Born in Norway in 1943, he received his medical degree at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands in 1969 and became a Doctor in Medicine in Oslo in 2003.
He is specialist in General Medicine and was a full-time General Practitioner in his hometown until retirement in 2011. From 1992 and ongoing, he is Chief Consultant and researcher at the Lipid Clinic, Oslo University Hospital. He has been Principal Investigator of a series of studies on lipidology, hypertension, and diabetes. He has been member of the Central Board of the Norwegian Medical Association.
His special interest is prevention of cardiovascular diseases, with emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. He has several publications in this field. His thesis was on prevention of cardiovascular diseases and achievement of treatment goals. He has developed a short food questionnaire, “SmartDiet”, which is used in Norway, Canada and other countries. Alcohol, in particular wine, and health has been a passion for many years.