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LATEST ARTICLES from AIM DIgest (up to Apr Edition 2018)

Tackling multiple unhealthy risk factors - Emerging lessons from practice
The within- and between-person effects of peer- and self reported status in the drinking group on alcohol-related outcomes
Alcohol consumption, masculinity, and alcohol-related violence and antisocial behaviour in sportspeople

Change in college students’ perceived parental permissibility of alcohol use and its relation to college drinking

Effects of a multi-component intervention on improving adherence to, and knowledge of, alcohol legislation in a UK nightlife setting
What is going on in underage drinking?

Adolescents drink less: How, who and why?

The increased trend of non-drinking in adolescence: the role of parental monitoring and attitudes toward offspring drinking

Educational differences in alcohol consumption and heavy drinking

‘Shopping under the influence’ research
Low alcohol and alcohol-free drinks labelling in the UK
Welsh minimum price for alcohol
Dutch to implement tougher approach for drink-driving
Responsible drinking initiatives: 2017 implementation report
Belgium - alcolock implementation
Quebec government target sugary, high alcohol beverages
“Virtual Bar” app provides tool enhanced for Alcohol Responsibility Month
Victorian Government Alcohol Reforms will help protect children from harms
Captain Morgan partners with Lady Leshurr for responsible drinking campaign
Canada: Drink Driving Regulations
Mexico alcohol-related road deaths fall after breathalyser implementation
Drink Don’t Drive’ campaign agreement signed in Cambodia
Alcohol consumption and physical activity in Austrian college students
Alcohol-impaired driving in US counties, 2002-2012
Road Safety Monitor 2017 - Drinking And Driving In Canada
Parental alcohol consumption and adult children’s educational attainment
Development of alcohol expectancies and early alcohol use in children and adolescents
Nature of events and alcohol-related content in marketing materials at a university freshers’ fair
European university students’ experiences and attitudes toward campus alcohol policy
The impact of retail beverage service training and social host laws on adolescents’ DUI rates in San Diego Co, California
Examining parental monitoring as a moderator of the relationship between depressed mood and alcohol use and problems
The effectiveness of E-interventions to reduce alcohol consumption in college and university students
Exploring associations with drinking frequency, alcohol-related harms, and the role of parental monitoring
Patterns of social supply of alcohol over time in New Zealand
The effect of lowering the legal drink-drive limit on the toxicological findings in driver fatalities
Attitudes to alcohol labelling in the UK
Doctors demand comprehensive alcohol labelling
New alcohol law hits sales at state-owned Alko
Polish president signs into law powers to limit alcohol sales
Parental Alcohol Misuse: where next for policy?
More than one in ten 14-year-olds in the UK admit to binge drinking
Alcohol-related drink drive fatalities and casualties in Great Britain
Call for mandatory alcohol interlocks in vans, lorries and buses across the EU
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