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LATEST ARTICLES from AIM DIgest (up to Jul Edition 2018)

Transitions to and from at-risk alcohol use in adults in the United States
Adverse adult consequences of different alcohol use patterns in adolescence
Influence of parental alcohol dependence symptoms and parenting on adolescent risky drinking and conduct problems

The effect of parental drinking on alcohol use in young adults: the mediating role of parental monitoring and peer deviance
A longitudinal examination of decisions to ride and decline rides with drinking drivers

Reciprocal relations between positive alcohol expectancies and peer use on adolescent drinking

Sociodemographic correlates of alcohol consumption among young adolescents from two different sociocultural contexts in Belgium

The British Ports Association (BPA) calls for alcohol limits for all boaters

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance — United States, 2017
Merger of Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK
Fighting illicit trade in the UK
UK video on bootleg alcohol
Families First report - An evidence-based approach to protecting UK families from alcohol-related harm
Support unit for family drug and alcohol courts faces closure in UK
New initiative to stamp out sexism, racism and homophobia in uk pubs
Heineken 0.0 launches £6 million campaign “to make alcohol-free beer cool”
The Rules of Drinking – BBC archives
National Alcohol and Drugs Conference 2018 – Report and presentations
Scotland alcohol consumption trend flat: MESAS 2018
Educated Dutch among most likely in Europe to drink regularly
Buzz alcohol bracelet tracks ability to give consent
Cider sales are down in Scotland since MUP implementation
Welsh Assembly passes MUP
England holds off from commitment to minimum pricing for alcohol
EU vehicle safety proposals to require standardised alcohol interlock
Alcohol interlocks in Belgium for high-level & repeat offenders interface
Changes to Belgium government guidelines proposed
Sweden home delivery
Industry proposals to reduce alcohol-related harm in France
France: Health Warning Labels
Ireland – changes to drink drive legislation
US legislation for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with a child
Europe’s brewers continue to lead by example on food information to consumers
New Zealand guidelines recommend pregnant women avoid alcohol
Australia: FARE annual poll
Campaign in France on social networks
NIH shuts down moderate drinking study
Mobile ‘Drunk Tank’ at Royal Ascot
Kenyans are reducing alcohol consumption
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