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LATEST ARTICLES from AIM DIgest (up to May 2022 Edition)

Women’s magazines as contradictory spaces for alcohol messaging
Preventing sales of alcohol to intoxicated patrons in nightlife settings in the United Kingdom
Disparities in alcohol use and heavy episodic drinking among bisexual people
Trends in alcohol, cigarette, e-cigarette, and nonprescribed pain reliever use among young adults after legalization of nonmedical cannabis
Pre-drinking behaviour of people in the night-time economy in New Zealand
Declining drinking among adolescents: Are we seeing a denormalisation of drinking and a normalisation of non-drinking?
Health Secretary announces 10-year plan for dementia in the UK
Portman Group introduces new training programme specifically for small producers and start-ups
Declines in alcohol consumption in Australia: some challenges to the theory of collectivity
Simultaneous alcohol/ cannabis use and driving under the influence in the US
Portman Group updates labelling guidance
Ongoing decline in children’s exposure to age-restricted TV ads
Research into parents’ awareness of Chief Medical Officer Guidance that an alcohol free childhood is best
Initiatives to address drink spiking in the UK
Ban on sale of cheap alcohol has cost Scots £270m, new research finds
Report on the impact of Covid-19 on alcohol behaviour and attitudes in Ireland
Finns’ alcohol consumption drops from 2020 level
Alcohol consumption in India
Campaign in Czech Republic on the risks of serving beers to children
TIRF and Diageo North America form a road safety coalition to tackle impaired driving in Canada
Moderate drinking: What do YOU know? new online quiz
Europe’s Spirits producers successfully deliver on energy on-pack target
spiritsEUROPE adopts sector guidance for non- and low-alcoholic “spirits”
New York facial recognition for age restricted sales
$6.1 million boost to Preventing FASD Project to change lives for the better
British Army fund project to support soldiers with problematic alcohol use
Monitoring alcohol in the bloodstream via a phone might soon be a reality
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