Page last updated: Nov 2021

Hubert Sacy stepping down as Director General of Éduc’alcool

After more than three decades as head of Éduc’alcool, Hubert Sacy is stepping down on December 31 of this year.
The Board of Directors has expressed its deepest gratitude, noting “the outstanding work he has done at the helm of the organization and his exemplary dedication to its mission.”
“Hubert Sacy is an exceptional communicator. With his passion, his conviction, and his colourful yet always relevant words, he has succeeded in building and sustaining a relationship marked by respect and trust with Quebecers on the most delicate subject of their drinking.,” said Board Chair Richard Gagnon.
Gagnon believes that Éduc’alcool’s success is due in large part to the fact that Hubert Sacy has always chosen to appeal to people’s intelligence, presenting them with comprehensive, objective, persuasive scientific data, rather than moralizing or condescending.
“Attempting to list all of Hubert Sacy’s accomplishments from the 1990s to today would be a truly impossible mission. But we feel obliged to note that, of all Canadians coast to coast, it is Quebecers who are most familiar—by far—with the low-risk drinking guidelines (which they are following in ever-growing numbers), and who have a generally healthier relationship with alcohol. It is not by accident that Éduc’alcool’s slogan, La modération a bien meilleur goût/Moderation is always in good health, has become something of a proverb in Quebec,” said Gagnon.

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