Page last updated: June 2022

British Army provides funding to support soldiers with problematic alcohol use

Project Reset – a scheme delivered by Humankind to help soldiers in North Yorkshire recover from problematic alcohol use and gambling – has received further funding from the British Army to continue its important work for another year.
The project, formerly named Mil-SMART, was developed by Humankind and Smart Recovery in 2017 to offer support groups for soldiers in Catterick Garrison.
79% of serving personnel who accessed support for their alcohol use were successfully discharged as alcohol-free or controlled drinkers, compared to a national average of 38%.
In addition to supporting nearly 100 soldiers to date, Project Reset also offers education outreach and harm reduction training across multiple locations. Soldiers who require further one-to-one support or medication after accessing Project Reset’s support groups are offered a referral to North Yorkshire Horizons, Humankind’s specialist drug and alcohol recovery service based in the region.

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