Page last updated: June 2022

Campaign in Czech Republic on the risks of serving beers to children

The ‘Nechmel d?ti’ campaign in the Czech Republic was launched in April and draws attention to the risks of serving alcohol and non-alcoholic beers to children.
Campaign leader Petr Freimann commented that in the Czech Republic, parents are often among the first people from whom a child receives alcohol. A survey initiated by the campaign team found that every fourth child had a glass of alcohol for the first time in the presence of their parents and that 38% of parents offered alcohol to their child before the age of 15 years.
The campaign draws attention to the issue of beermixes - flavoured beers and also low alcohol beers. 36% of children drink these drinks, according to their parents, Freimann said. He noted that experts rate this as risky behaviour for future alcohol consumption.
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