Page last updated: June 2022

$6.1 million boost to Preventing FASD Project to change lives for the better

The McGowan Labor Government is expanding Western Australia’s successful Preventing FASD Project with a $6.1 million funding boost to be included in the upcoming State Budget.
Developed as part of the McGowan Government’s Commitment to Aboriginal Youth Wellbeing in 2020, the Project aims to reduce the incidence of FASD by raising awareness that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause permanent damage to the brain of the developing baby. It has been estimated that as many as two per cent of all Australian babies may be born with some form of FASD.
The project includes the ‘One Drink’ campaign which has been very successful, with 95% of women understanding its key message and 91% saying they would not drink any alcohol.
In the first six months, more than 1.8 million Western Australians were exposed to the campaign, which challenges the mistaken belief that the placenta protects an unborn baby from alcohol.
The pilot also featured training for 100 health workers across the State, to engage in more meaningful conversations with families of child-bearing age about the importance of alcohol-free pregnancies.
The $6.1 million investment will fund the continuation of the State-wide public education campaign, as well as expanded and ongoing training for health workers across WA including those in regional and remote communities.

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