Page last updated: June 2022

Monitoring alcohol in the bloodstream via a phone might soon be a reality

An easy-to-use device that measures alcohol in your system via a smartphone app has been developed by a research team of biomedical engineers.
The wearable sensor takes a measurement for blood sugar, lactate levels and the amount of alcohol in a person’s body with the aim of making health decisions easier for the public in general and people with diabetes specifically.
A California-based research team has published a paper in Nature Biomedical Engineering debuting a prototype of a sensor to be worn on the skin that with the help of a smartphone app will take these readings. While the project is in its early stages, according to the researchers they’re hopeful that the device will be brought to market soon.
Farshad Tehrani, Ph.D., the founder and chief executive officer of AquilX, a start-up firm focused on the device, told medics at Healthline: “You and I and everybody can use this piece of hardware and have great insights on the movement inside the body; hormones, and more. We call it the ‘lab under the skin.’”
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