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INTERNATIONAL AIM Summary of International responsible drinking guidelines
  AIM Worldwide Drink Drive BAC limits
  AIM - International legal drinking ages

Taxation of beverage alcohol – IARD policy review

  Spiking of university students to be tackled in the UK (May 2022)
  Ban on sale of cheap alcohol has cost Scots £270m, new research finds (May 2022)
  Combined Substance Use Strategy for Guernsey and Alderney (Aug 2021)
  New rules on alcohol sales in Ireland introduced (Jan 2021)
  Norway national alcohol policy (Sep 2020)
  UK Obesity Strategy (Aug 2020)
  Latvia to reduce drink drive limit and tighten alcohol advertising (Jan 2020)
  First study published into under 18 drinkers post MUP (Jan 2020)
  Commission on Alcohol Harm calls for evidence (Jan 2020)
  UK Government paper on preventative health (Aug 2019)
  Measures to control the sale of alcohol in Holland (May 2019)
  France: Health Warning Labels (Jul 2018)
  Changes to Belgium government guidelines proposed (Jul 2018)
  Irish alcohol bill passes committee stage (Jul 2018)
  New alcohol law hits sales at state-owned Alko (Mar 2018)
  Polish president signs into law powers to limit alcohol sales  (Mar 2018)
  Welsh minimum price for alcohol (Mar 2018)
  Luxembourg government campaign targets excessive alcohol consumption
  Minimum alcohol price law unveiled in Wales (Nov 2017)
  Ireland Alcohol Bill amendments (Nov 2017)
  UK Government rules out restrictions on alcohol promotion (Nov 2017)
  Controversy over process to set UK low risk guidelines (Nov 2017)
  France Health Strategy (Oct 2017)
  New Alcohol Act submitted to Parliament in Finland (Oct 2017)
  France modified guidelines (May 2017)
  Labelling of alcoholic beverages – EU Commission report (May 2017)
  Belgium government draft legislation (Apr 2017)
  France review of drinking guidelines (Mar 2017)
  Belgium: Stricter guidelines for alcohol (Dec 2016)

Irish government plans to introduce health information on alcohol labels (June 2015)

  EU court issues opinion on minimum alcohol price (Sep 2015)
  Resolution for EU strategy adopted (2014)
  Lords report calls for stronger EU strategy to address alcohol harms (Apr 2014)

EU Alcohol Strategy update (Apr 2014)


Joint Action on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm (RARHA) commences (Apr 2014)

  European Monitoring Centre for drugs and drug addiction
  Agreement reached on new EU health programme (Dec 2013)
  Reduced alcohol wines -  change needed to EU Common Agricultural Policy
UK Consultation on tackling alcohol and drug harm in Northern Ireland (Nov 2020)
Liquor Licensing Bill introduced in the Northern Ireland Assembly (Nov 2020)
  Alcohol-related harm to others in England (May 2019)
  UK Home Office to launch consultation on regulating airside alcohol sales (Jun 2018)
  England holds off from commitment to minimum pricing for alcohol (Jul 2018)
  Welsh Assembly passes MUP (Jul 2018)
  Fighting illicit trade in the UK (Jul 2018)
  UK Government policy includes a new alcohol strategy (May 2018)
  Bill to protect emergency workers (May 2018)
  Cabinet prioritises Alcohol Bill in Ireland (Oct 2017)
  The short term impact of the Alcohol Act on alcohol-related deaths and hospital admissions in Scotland (Oct 2017)
  Review into the impact of drug or alcohol addiction in Britain on employment outcomes (Dec 2016)
  Major review of evidence on alcohol policy and harm reduction (Dec 2016)
  Working together to reduce harm: Delivery plan 2016 for Wales (Jan 2016)
  ‘Sobriety tag’ pilot scheme to be extended nationwide in UK (Sep 2015)
  Better Health For London: Next Steps (Mar 2015)
  DCLG report on ‘Alcohol Fund’ project to tackle binge and underage drinking (Mar 2015)
  £50m to tackle substance abuse in Wales in 2015-16 (Mar 2015)
  All schools should have to provide PSHE and SRE, UK select committee finds (Feb 2015)
  Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy: fourth annual report (Jan 2015)
  Local partnerships key to falling alcohol-related crime
  BII welcomes government announcement on Personal Licences (Apr 2014)
  Westminster Policy Forum on Alcohol Policy (Apr 2014)

Local alcohol action areas announced in the UK   (Apr 2014)

  The introduction of 24-hour drinking in the UK has not increased street violence (Jan 2014)
  UK government, Alcohol strategy consultation
  UK legislation to tackle alcohol fraud (Dec 2013)
  Introduction of late-night drinking levy (Oct 2013)
  UK government policies to reduce alcohol related harm (Oct 2013)
  Update of the UK government’s alcohol policy (Oct 2013)
  Voluntary agreements between government and business - a scoping review of the literature with specific reference to the Public Health Responsibility Deal (Aug 2013)
  UK government response to the alcohol strategy consultation (Aug 2013)
  Responsibility Deal evaluation begins (Aug 2013)
  UK Public Health priorities 2013/14 (June 2013)
  A call for new duty band in the UK for lower alcohol products (June 2013)
  Home Office website (Alcohol Licensing/ Drinking Banning orders/ Alcohol pricing)
  Alcohol advice - Adult advice, Alcohol and pregnancy, Alcohol and Young people April 2009
  Selling Alcohol Responsibly
  Safe Sensible Social - Alcohol Strategy 2007
Northern Ireland
New Strategic Direction for Alcohol and Drugs 2011-2016 (2011)
  Strategy for reducing alcohol related harm (2006)
National Substance Misuse Strategy 2017 - 2025
  Limits on safe drinking reduced in the Republic of Ireland (Sep 2012)
Working together to reduce Harm - Substance misuse strategy for Wales (2008-2018)
Scotland MESAS monitoring report 2018
  Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy - 2nd Annual Report
  Changing Scotland's relationship with Alcohol: A framework for action (2009)
  Partnership Agreement: Scottish Executive and the Alcohol Industry (2007)
  Scotland’s Licensing Act evaluation (Aug 2013)
  The impact of the Alcohol Act on off-trade alcohol sales in Scotland (Aug 2013)
National strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm (Jan 2013)
Germany´s National Strategy for Drug and Addiction Policy
Iceland announce new alcohol policy (Apr 2014)

New Zealand
  New Zealand Alcohol Law passed
  New Zealand National Drug Policy 2015 to 2020
Food Standards Australia New Zealand considers nutrition labels for alcohol
(Apr 2022)

Australia launches National Preventive Health Strategy (Dec 2021)

  Northern Territory to be first jurisdiction in Australia with minimum floor price on alcohol (Apr 2018)
  Australia: ACT government proposes major liquor law overhaul (Apr 2017)

Moves in Western Australia to address excessive drinking and crack down on drink driving


Australia’s National Alcohol and Drug Workforce Development Strategy (Sep 2015)

  Queensland Parliament: Lockout laws to be passed
  Development of the National Alcohol Strategy 2016-2021 in Australia
  New secondary supply laws in two Australian territories
  Australian Dietary Guidelines 2013
  Australia - The National Drug Strategy 2010–2015 - A framework for action on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
Quebec government target sugary, high alcohol beverages (Apr 2018)

National Framework for Action to reduce the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs and substances in Canada

  Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm in Canada: Recommendations for a National Alcohol Strategy April 2007
  New Canadian Low Risk Guidelines agreed (May 2011)

Consumption of low and no alcohol drinks increases in 2020 (Jan 2021)


US Drinking Guidelines - the perpetual pendulum of US drinking (Aug 2020)

  US Dietary Guidelines (2015)
  US implementation of calorie information on chain restaurant menus (May 2018)
  Indiana launches new Lifeline Law public awareness campaign (Sep 2014)
  US federal spending bill boosts ongoing drink drive campaign (June 2013)
  National Prevention Strategy (June 2011)
  Alcohol Policy Information System
Rest of world The unintended effect of Kenya’s alcohol regulation policies (May 2019)
  Cape Verde national alcohol policy bill (May 2018)
  National Alcohol Policy in Ghana (May 2017)
  Trinidad and Tobago government develop an alcohol policy
  Jamaica Alcohol Policy
  National alcohol policy, Seychelles
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