last updated: January 24, 2021
Alcohol and Young People - Policy and Legislation
Nov 2020 Drink-free youth initiative in Denmark
Oct 2019 UK guideline on alcohol interventions in secondary and further education
Aug 2018 Progress evaluation report (2019) for WHO Action Plan on Youth Drinking and on Heavy Episodic Drinking
Mar 2018 AIM - International legal drinking ages
Apr 2018

Victorian Government Alcohol Reforms will help protect children from harms

Mar 2018 UK - Parental Alcohol Misuse: where next for policy?
May 2017 South Australia legislation to prevent underage drinking
Apr 2017 House Bill amends provisions for minors with alcohol offences
Feb 2016 PSHE in UK schools will not be compulsory
Mar 2015 Teenage alcohol related hospitalisation post legal drinking age rise in Holland 
Jan 2014 Alcohol Education toolkit on Wales
Jan 2014

UK - English Chief Medical Officer highlights the importance of preventative interventions for our children to keep them healthy

Jan 2014 UK - Quality standards for drug education – consultation and survey findings
Jan 2014 US colleges adopt ‘good samaritan’ policies for drug and alcohol emergencies
Jan 2014 US - Indiana Senate Bill takes further steps to reduce underage drinking
Jan 2014 Holland - legal drinking age rise
June 2013 The UK PSHE consultation review
Jan 2013 UK - Alcohol as part of compulsory PSHE curriculum? (Jan 2013)
Aug 2013

US - Report to Congress on the prevention and reduction of underage drinking

Aug 2013 US - Parents should talk with children about alcohol early, US campaign
2010 uk govt reportUK Government report 'Children, Young People and Alcohol
2009 UK Guidance on the consumption of alcohol by children and young people from Sir Liam Donaldson Chief Medical Officer for England December 2009
US US Drinking Age and Alcohol Laws for all 50 states
US US State Legislation by State and by Category
US US - State and Local Laws
Australia Australian law relating to young people and alcohol
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