Page last updated: September 17, 2018

Families First report - An evidence-based approach to protecting UK families from alcohol-related harm

Families First have issued a new report “An evidencebased approach to protecting UK families from alcoholrelated harm.“ The Alcohol and Families Alliance exists to reduce the harms experienced by children and families affected by alcohol use. It does this by bringing together organisations and individuals from both the alcohol and children/families sector to examine and formulate new policy positions.

The AFA held a parliamentary launch for the Alcohol and Families Alliance new policy report ‘Families First’. The report sets out 12 recommendations to improve services and support for families affected by alcohol misuse. Speakers at the launch included Steve Brine MP, Minister for Public Health and Primary Care, Caroline Flint MP and Liam Byrne MP. The Alcohol and Families Alliance is a coalition of organisations dedicated to reducing the harm to families caused by alcohol misuse.

The Alcohol and Families Alliance believes that: • Current policy does not sufficiently protect children and families from alcohol-related harms. • The misuse of alcohol can have serious, and detrimental, effects on the health and wellbeing of children and families. • The negative effects of alcohol on children and families are not confined to those incurred by drinkers who drink at hazardous, harmful or dependant levels.

Families First sets out the key policy positions of the Alcohol and Families Alliance. It was formulated by the Steering Group of the AFA, on behalf of the member organisations. The policy recommendations in the document are aimed at the UK Government.

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