last updated: July 27, 2022
Alcohol and Young People - Research and Studies - Parental and Family Influence
June 2022 Research into parents’ awareness of Chief Medical Officer Guidance that an alcohol free childhood is best
Nov 2020 Meet the parents: Parental interactions, social influences, and college drinking
Aug 2020 Parental alcohol-specific rules effectively reduce adolescents’ tobacco and cannabis use
Aug 2020 Perceived parental knowledge and adolescent substance use outcomes
May 2020 Alcohol-related parental communication, alcohol use, and protective behavioural strategy use among young adults
May 2020 Alcohol expectancies change in early to middle adolescence as a function ofthe exposure to parental alcohol use
Jan 2020 Parents involvement can reduce risk of teen drinking and driving
Jan 2020 A latent class analysis of parental alcohol and drug use
Aug 2019 Cost-effectiveness of a combined classroom curriculum and parental intervention
Jun 2019 The relationship between parental attitudes and children’s alcohol use
Jul 2018 Influence of parental alcohol dependence symptoms and parenting on adolescent risky drinking and conduct problems
Jul 2018 The effect of parental drinking on alcohol use in young adults: the mediating role of parental monitoring and peer deviance
Jun 2018 Frequency of parent-adolescent alcohol-specific communication and adolescent perceptions of alcohol
Jun 2018 Understanding conversations about alcohol between parents and their 15-17 year olds
May 2018 Evaluation of a public education campaign to support parents to reduce adolescent alcohol use
Apr 2018 Parental alcohol consumption and adult children’s educational attainment
Apr 2018 The increased trend of non-drinking in adolescence: the role of parental monitoring and attitudes toward offspring drinking
Mar 2018 Examining parental monitoring as a moderator of the relationship between depressed mood and alcohol use and problems
Mar 2018 Exploring associations with drinking frequency, alcohol-related harms, and the role of parental monitoring
Apr 2017 Parental supply of alcohol in childhood and risky drinking in adolescence
Mar 2017 Parental supply of alcohol and alcohol consumption in adolescence
Mar 2017 Perceived parental alcohol problems and drinking patterns in youth
Mar 2017 Modifiable parenting factors associated with adolescent alcohol misuse
Sep 2016 The enduring impact of parents’ monitoring, warmth, expectancies, and alcohol use on their children’s future binge drinking and arrests
Sep 2016 Reducing children’s susceptibility to alcohol use: effects of a home-based parenting programme
June 2016 Does parental monitoring and disapproval explain variations in alcohol use among adolescents from different countries of birth?
Feb 2016 Parents over peers: new study shines light on teenage drinking and parental influence
Jan 2016 The effect of childhood supervisory neglect on emerging adults’ drinking
Jan 2016 Role of parenting styles in adolescent substance use: results from a Swedish longitudinal cohort study
Sep 2015 When parents talk about college drinking
Sep 2015 Early adolescent alcohol use: are sipping and drinking distinct?
Sep 2015 Effects of a combined parent-student alcohol prevention programme on intermediate factors and adolescents’ drinking behaviour
Sep 2015 Drinking with parents - the effect on adolescent high risk drinking
Jul 2015 A new genetic-epidemiological design applied to drug abuse, alcohol use disorders, and criminal behavior
Mar 2015 The role of parental risk perception in intentions to communicate about alcohol
Jan 2015 Teen parties: who has parties, what predicts whether there is alcohol and who supplies the alcohol?
Jan 2015

Parents do matter, but why? Examining two mediators of the assocation between parental approval and negative consequences of alcohol use.

Sep 2014 Interactions between parental alcohol specific rules and risk personalities in the predicition of adolescent alcohol use
Sep 2014 Portman Group research reveals parents lack awareness of downturn in alcohol consumption by 11-15 year-olds
Jan 2014 Children most likely to be given alcohol by family and friends at Christmas
Jan 2014 Moderation of a parent-based intervention on transitions in drinking
Jan 2014

Maternal and peer influences on drinking among Latino college students

Jan 2014 UK survey of mothers’ drinking habits
Nov 2013 AB InBev survey uncovers why parents don’t talk to children about drinking
Nov 2013 Ontario youth get cigarettes and alcohol from friends and family
Nov 2013 Moderation of a parent-based intervention on transitions in drinking
Oct 2013 Survey finds some parents allow their children to drink on family holiday
Oct 2013 Parents urged to talk to their children about alcohol in pre-teen years
Oct 2013 Alcohol use in young adulthood: Do self-control and parents’ perceptions of friends during adolescence modify peer influence?
Aug 2013 Investigating parental monitoring, school and family influences on adolescent alcohol use
Aug 2013 Adolescent alcohol use reflects community-level alcohol consumption irrespective of parental drinking
Jun 2013 Pre-college talk between parents and teens likely to lessen college drinking
Jun 2013 US survey confirms parent’s Influence in kids decision whether to drink alcohol
Jan 2013 Drinkaware survey suggests that kids’ attitude to alcohol is linked their parents’ habits
Jan 2013 Demos report on parents with alcohol problems
Jan 2013

Authoritative mothers influence behaviour of teenagers’ friends

Nov 2012 Mothers' drinking habits may affect their children's consumption long term
Nov 2012 Italy: Survey shows 59% of young people had their first drink with their parents
May 2012 Do peers’ parents matter? A new link between positive parenting and adolescent substance us
Mar 2012

Evidence that parental provision may reduce later heavy episodic drinking.

Nov 2011

UK parents want schools to support their children‘s social and emotional development

Nov 2011 Eating together, family structure and risk behaviour
Nov 2011 Few parents believe that their children drink alcohol
Nov 2011 Significant report from UK think Tank DEMOS reaffirms parents as having the most influence
Sep 2011

Young people, alcohol and influences: Joseph Rowntree Foundation report emphasises parental influence

Sep 2011

Parents know best, but are they accurate? Parental normative misperceptions and their relationship to students’ alcohol-related outcomes

Sep 2011

Poor parenting increases likelihood of binge drinking at ages 16 and 34

Jun 2011

Parental monitoring of opposite-gender child may decrease problem drinking in young

Apr 2011

Young US alcohol users often get alcohol from family or home

Apr 2011

Parents drinking habits shape the drinking motives of adolescents

Apr 2011

Parental monitoring of opposite-gender child may decrease problem drinking in young

Feb 2011

Rowntree foundation report - The influence of family and friends on young people’s drinking

Dec 2010

Two UK papers explore the influence of the family and parenting on
young people and alcohol

Oct 2010

De-Normalisation - How to reduce alcohol harm amongst young people

Aug 2010

Parents play an active role in changing the drinking culture

May 2010

An exploratory study of the relationship between parental attitudes and behaviour and young people’s consumption of alcohol

Apr 2010

Public service announcements designed to reduce binge drinking in college students may lead to increased use

Apr 2010

The role of parents in preventing alcohol misuse

May 2009

Healthy parent-child ties can reduce risk of excessive drinking for teenagers

May 2009

UK parents are leaving it too late to educate their children about alcohol

Dec 2008 Australian youth priorities – the influence of family and friends
Dec 2008 Families, friends, schools and neighbourhoods influence adolescent alcohol misuse
Sep 2008 Family meals can help teen girls avoid drugs and alcohol
Mar 2008 US study highlights importance of parental monitoring
Jan 2008 Parental drinking and parenting practices influence adolescent drinking - be firm, but not too tough, it can be counter productive (AIM Feb 2008)
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