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Alcohol and Young People - Research and Studies
June 2022

Declining drinking among adolescents: Are we seeing a denormalisation of drinking and a normalisation of non-drinking?

June 2022

Trends in alcohol, cigarette, e-cigarette, and nonprescribed pain reliever use among young adults after legalization of nonmedical cannabis

Aug 2021 Fear of missing out and binge-drinking among adolescents
Aug 2021 Longitudinal associations between social media use, parental monitoring, and alcohol use in an Australian sample of adolescents
Jan 2021 Detachment, peer pressure, and age of first substance use as gateways to later substance use
Jan 2021 Changes in the price of alcohol and effect on youth drinking and in different socio-economic groups
Oct 2020 Intention to drink and alcohol use before 18 years among Australian adolescents
Sep 2020 Why adolescents engage in early alcohol use: A study of drinking motives
Sep 2020 Affective drinking motives, delinquency and binge drinking among high school seniors
Sep 2020 Teens who crave excitement are more likely to smoke and use multiple illicit substances
Sep 2020 Intention to drink and alcohol use before 18 years among Australian adolescents
Aug 2020 The long-term effectiveness of universal, selective and combined prevention for alcohol use during adolescence
Jan 2020 Micro-level factors associated with alcohol use and binge drinking among youth
Jan 2020 Trends in the sequence of first alcohol, cannabis and cigarette use in Australia, 2001–2016
Jan 2020 A longitudinal study on the relationship between screen time and adolescent alcohol use: The mediating role of social norms
June 2019 School and town factors associated with risky alcohol consumption among Catalan adolescents
June 2019 High-risk environmental circumstances for adolescent drinking
May 2019 Declining alcohol consumption among adolescents and schools in Stockholm, 2010–2016
May 2019 Analysis of the alcohol drinking behaviour and influencing factors among emerging adults and young adults
May 2019 Young people shift the ‘soft stigma’ of alcohol abstinence in Finland and Australia
Jul 2018 Adverse adult consequences of different alcohol use patterns in adolescence
Jul 2018 Reciprocal relations between positive alcohol expectancies and peer use on adolescent drinking
Jul 2018 Sociodemographic correlates of alcohol consumption among young adolescents from two different sociocultural contexts in Belgium
Jul 2018 Families First report - An evidence-based approach to protecting UK families from alcohol-related harm
Jul 2018 National Alcohol and Drugs Conference 2018 – Report and presentations
Jun 2018 The effects of graduation requirements on risky health behaviours of high school students
Jun 2018 Dieting associated with risky behaviours in teenage girls
Jun 2018 Increasing number of young people try cannabis before drinking alcohol
May 2018 Community efforts to prevent teen problems have lasting benefits
Apr 2018 What is going on in underage drinking?
Apr 2018 Adolescents drink less: How, who and why?
Mar 2018 Development of alcohol expectancies and early alcohol use in children and adolescents
Mar 2018 Patterns of social supply of alcohol over time in New Zealand
Nov 2017 A systematic review of children’s alcohol-related knowledge, attitudes and expectancies
Oct 2017 Talk about Alcohol programme found to be effective in areas where alcohol related indices of harm for under 18s are highest
Oct 2017 The decline in adult activities among US adolescents
Aug 2017 Systematic review of universal school-based ‘resilience’ interventions targeting adolescent tobacco, alcohol or illicit substance use
Aug 2017 Adolescent tobacco and alcohol use: the influence of body image
Aug 2017 Drinking location and drinking culture and their association with alcohol use among girls and boys in Europe
May 2017 Correlates of alcohol consumption on heavy drinking occasions of young risky drinkers
May 2017 Has the role of personal income in alcohol drinking among teenagers changed between 1983 and 2013?
May 2017 Prom most likely time for teens to drink alcohol?
May 2017 Steps Towards Alcohol Misuse Prevention Programme (STAMPP): a school- and community-based cluster randomised controlled trial
May 2017 Adverse childhood experiences, mental health, and excessive alcohol use: Examination of race/ethnicity and sex differences  
Apr 2017 Peer influence, peer selection and adolescent alcohol use
Apr 2017 Stronger declines in youth alcohol consumption due to stronger integrated alcohol policies in Holland?
Apr 2017 Purchases by heavier drinking young people concentrated in lower priced beverages: implications for policy
Mar 2017 Adolescents display distinctive tolerance to ambiguity and to uncertainty during risky decision making
Mar 2017 Childhood academic ability in relation to cigarette, alcohol and cannabis use from adolescence into early adulthood
Dec 2016 What works in school-based alcohol education: a systematic review
Jun 2016 What do preschoolers know about alcohol?
Jan 2016 RisKit programme evaluation
Sep 2015 Drinkaware Monitor: report of young people’s alcohol consumption
Sep 2015 Early results from evaluation of Drug Education in Victorian Schools (DEVS) programme
Sep 2015 Can six lessons over 2 years in school on alcohol really affect the age that teenagers start drinking?
Jul 2015 Modes of daily caffeine consumption among adolescents and the practice of mixing alcohol with energy drinks: relationships to drunkenness
Jan 2015 DEMOS report - ‘Character and Moderation’: encouraging the next generation of responsible drinkers
Jan 2015 Adolescent alcohol use and binge drinking: An 18-year trend study of prevalence and correlates
Jan 2015 Prospective relationship between poor sleep and substance-related problems in a national sample of adolescents
Jan 2015 Frequent electronic media communication with friends is associated with higher adolescent substance use
Jan 2015 Effectiveness of school-based preventive interventions on adolescent alcohol use
Jan 2015 Is early alcohol consumption related to adult alcohol use?
Jul 2014 Alcohol and drug education in multicultural settings
Jul 2014 Who will binge-drink at age 16? European teen study pinpoints predictors
Jun 2014 National household survey of adverse childhood experiences and their relationship with resilience to health-harming behaviours in England
Jun 2014 Participating in sports reduces risk of hazardous drinking in adolescent offenders
Jun 2014 Coached extracurricular activities may help prevent pre-adolescent smoking, drinking
Jan 2014 IREB summary on alcohol and young people
Jan 2014 Expansion of alcohol education outreaches for schools in Nordic Regions
Jan 2014 Moderating teen drinking: combining social marketing and education
Jan 2014 Childhood verbal development and drinking behaviours from adolescence to young adulthood: a discordant twin-pair analysis
Dec 2013 Quality standards for drug education – consultation and survey findings
Dec 2013 One-fifth of high school seniors in the US report recent binge drinking
Nov 2013 Childhood verbal development and drinking behaviours from adolescence to young adulthood: a discordant twin-pair analysis
Oct 2013 New evidence suggests impulsive adolescents more likely to drink heavily
Aug 2013 Anti-alcohol policies in schools are more effective if students think they are enforced
Aug 2013 Impulsive teens at risk for drinking problems
Aug 2013 Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in adolescent alcohol use in Germany
Aug 2013 Predicting steep escalations in alcohol use over the teenage years: Age-related variations in key social influences
Aug 2013 US study - Types of alcohol experience from childhood to adolescence
Aug 2013 Early childhood personality may predict teen alcohol abuse
June 2013 Drunk driving not the only way alcohol leads to teen deaths, US study says
June 2013 ‘My World Survey’ highlights complexity of pressures on young people in Ireland
June 2013 Alcohol consumption in adolescence and early adult life: What are the consequences?
June 2013 Birth cohort effects on adolescent alcohol use: the influence of social norms from 1976 to 2007
June 2013 Italy youth survey
May 2013 Physician advice to adolescents about drinking and other health behaviours
Mar 2013 Not early drinking but early drunkenness is a risk factor for problem behaviours among adolescents from 38 European and North American countries
Jan 2013 Fewer USA youth trying alcohol and cigarettes before age 13
Jan 2013 Spanish study finds young people who go out drinking start earlier and consume more alcohol
Jan 2013 Survey finds young adults more likely to smoke cannabis than drink before driving
Jan 2013 The European Foundation for Alcohol Research and The Foundation for Alcohol Research meeting on underage drinking
Dec 2012 Alcohol warning labels: unlikely to affect alcohol-related beliefs and behaviours in adolescents
Dec 2012 EU Youth Report 2012 prioritises health and well-being
Nov 2012 Process evaluation and feasibility study of In:tuition, a life skills education programme for young people aged 9-14 years
Nov 2012 Teens who learn to express their opinions are better able to resist peer pressure, study finds
Nov 2012 Young people - what messages on alcohol would make them take notice and affect their drinking? An interesting new study funded by Comic Relief and Alcohol Research UK
Sep 2012 Local variations in youth drinking cultures
Sep 2012 A positive choice: Young people who drink little or no alcohol
Sep 2012 Kings Fund report explores drinking, smoking, diet and exercise links and impacts
Sep 2012 National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse XVII: Teens
Sep 2012 Boozy Britain a critical discussion on binge drinking and young people
Sep 2012 Teens who learn to express their opinions are better able to resist peer pressure, study finds
June 2012 Young people - what messages on alcohol would make them take notice and affect their drinking?
Feb 2012 Patterns of alcohol use in early adolescence predict problem use at age 16 - UK study reinforces Chief Medical Officers’ guidance to parents  of delaying the age of first drink to age 15
Jan 2011 Young people’s beliefs about the harmfulness of alcohol, cannabis and tobacco for mental disorders
Nov 2011 Community effort brings lasting drop in smoking, delinquency, drug use
Nov 2011 Teens more likely to drink when they have large networks of friends
Sep 2011 Life goals and alcohol use among first-year college students: The role of motives to limit drinking
Jun 2011 How children learn to say ‘no’ in Germany
Jun 2011 Teenage thinking on teenage drinking: 15- to 16-year olds’ experiences of alcohol in Northern Ireland
Feb 2011 Rural underage binge drinkers put their health at risk in Germany
Feb 2011 Children with ADHD much more likely to develop substance abuse problems as they age
Feb 2011 Heavy drinking in older teenagers has long-term and short-term consequences
Feb 2011 Rowntree foundation report - Teenage drinking cultures
Dec 2010 Young people and alcohol: influences on how they drink
Oct 2010 De-Normalisation - How to reduce alcohol harm amongst young people
Sep 2010 Teens receiving interventions 40% less likely to binge drink
Aug 2010 Italy: harmful or protective factors?
Jun 2010 Puberty and sleep regulation can influence alcohol use during early adolescence
May 2010 The effectiveness of a school-based substance abuse prevention programme: 18 month follow-up of the EU-Dap cluster randomised controlled trial
May 2010 An exploratory study of the relationship between parental attitudes and behaviour and young people’s consumption of alcohol
Mar 2010 ‘Children, Young People and Alcohol’ DCSF report
Oct 2009 Adrian Furnham - Alcohol and young adults
Sep 2009 The importance of social norms - Changing perceptions about student drinking reduces alcohol misuse
Apr 2009 Key extracts from the report on trends in alcohol use among 15-16 year olds in 35 European countries - ESPAD
Dec 2008 Programme to deter youth alcohol use also reduces conduct problems
Dec 2008 Counselling on alcohol key to teens’ sexual health
Dec 2008 Families, friends, schools and neighbourhoods influence adolescent alcohol misuse
Dec 2008 Alcohol use amongst children is rooted in complex societal issues, says DCSF report
Nov 2008 UK Department for Children, Schools and Families - Report - Use of Alcohol among Children and Young People
Aug 2008 The turning tides of intoxication: young people's drinking in Britain in the 2000s by Helena Conibear, Executive Director, AIM
Mar 2008 US survey reveals that college students show concern for others, and themselves
Jan 2008 US children keen to sip a drink - not to drink (AIM Jan 2008)
Jan 2008 NIAAA - What Colleges Need to Know Now An Update on College Drinking Research
Feb 2007 ESPAD - Alcohol and Drug Use Among European 17-18 Year Old Students

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