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Alcohol and Young Adults/ Students - Research and Studies
Jan 2021 Predictors of receptivity to an alcohol intervention among mandated students
Oct 2020 Alcohol consumption among students and its relationship with nutritional intake - a cross-sectional study
Sep 2020 Longitudinal changes in alcohol use and binge-drinking among young-adult college students in the US
Apr 2020 The influence of peer and parental norms on first-generation college students’ binge drinking trajectories
Jan 2020 Alcohol consumption, life satisfaction and mental health among Norwegian college and university students
Jan 2020 Situational context and motives of alcohol use among graduate student drinker
Jan 2020 Social anxiety and alcohol use among college students
Sep 2019 Alcohol consumption among university students in the night-time economy in the UK
Aug 2019 Trends in single, dual, and poly use of alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana among US high-school students
Aug 2019 Problematic smartphone use associated with greater alcohol consumption, mental health issues, poorer academic performance, and impulsivity
Aug 2019 What affects college students’ decision to intervene or not intervene when someone is drinking too much?
Aug 2019 Identification with typical students moderates the relationship between college life alcohol salience and drinking outcomes
Jun 2019 High socioeconomic status predicts substance use and alcohol consumption in U.S. undergraduates
Jun 2019 Patterns of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm among European university students
May 2019 Impact of exchange stay on alcohol consumption in a large sample of European students
May 2019 The role of peer drinking on college students’ alcohol use
June 2018 Contrasting staff and student views on alcohol education provision in a UK university
Apr 2018 Change in college students’ perceived parental permissibility of alcohol use and its relation to college drinking
Mar 2018 European university students’ experiences and attitudes toward campus alcohol policy
Mar 2018

Alcohol consumption and physical activity in Austrian college students

Mar 2018 The effectiveness of E-interventions to reduce alcohol consumption in college and university students
Mar 2018 Nature of events and alcohol-related content in marketing materials at a university freshers’ fair
Oct 2017 Brief online intervention to reduce alcohol consumption in new university students
Oct 2017 Anti-drinking campaigns aimed at young people often backfire
Aug 2017 Health and behavioural factors associated with binge drinking among students in 9 ASEAN countries
Aug 2017 Review of student lifestyle in France
Aug 2017 The role of friendship reciprocity in university freshmen’s alcohol consumption
Aug 2017 The dynamic association between alcohol use and consequences over the first two years of college
Aug 2017 College students’ responses to emotional anti alcohol abuse media messages: should we scare or amuse them?
Apr 2017 Predictors of breath alcohol concentrations in college parties
Jun 2016 More than a myth: Drink spiking happens
Jun 2016 CBHSQ report - A day in the life of US college students aged 18 to 22
Jun 2016 Drinking location and pregaming as predictors of alcohol intoxication among mandated college students
Sep 2015 Monthly variation in substance use initiation among full-time US college students
Jul 2015 Personal and perceived peer use of and attitudes toward alcohol among students in seven EU Countries
Jul 2015 The use of the internet for prevention of binge drinking among the college population
Jul 2015 Report on college aged drinking and social media
Jan 2015 Effects of minimum legal drinking age on alcohol and marijuana use
Jul 2014 Text messages can help reduce young adults’ binge drinking
Jun 2014 Young people “pre-drink” before a night out because they are fearful of bars and clubs, a study finds
Apr 2014 Determinants of sustained binge drinking in young adults
Jan 2014 Young people - ‘Drinking is our modern way of bonding’
Jan 2014 Sport participation and alcohol and illicit drug use in adolescents and young adults
Nov 2013 Binge drinking to fit in at US colleges
Oct 2013 Washington State University imposes early-morning Friday classes to combat ‘Thirsty Thursday’
Oct 2013 Investigating young Australian males’ intentions to engage in recreational swimming while under the influence of alcohol
Oct 2013 Who pre-drinks before a night out and why? Socioeconomic status and motives behind young people’s pre-drinking in the United Kingdom
Aug 2013 Do college drinkers learn from their mistakes?
Aug 2013 Safer California Universities project
Aug 2013 Social norms marketing campaign to reduce alcohol consumption among 1st year students
June 2013 ‘My World Survey’ highlights complexity of pressures on young people in Ireland
June 2013 Alcohol consumption in adolescence and early adult life: What are the consequences?/td>
Mar 2013 Spanish female university students get drunk more rapidly than their male counterparts
Jan 2013

Students who preload before going out spend more

Jan 2013

Spanish study finds young people who go out drinking start earlier and consume more alcohol

Jan 2013

Young people admit to being hungover when at work in UK survey

Jan 2013 Survey finds young adults more likely to smoke cannabis than drink before driving
Sep 2012 Binge drinking to fit in at US colleges
Feb 2012 Text messages may help young adults cut down on alcohol consumption
Jan 2011 Young people’s beliefs about the harmfulness of alcohol, cannabis and tobacco for mental disorders
Sep 2011

Life goals and alcohol use among first-year college students: The role of motives to limit drinking

Dec 2010

Young people and alcohol: influences on how they drink (18-25)

Oct 2010

Student drinking almost equal by gender in Ireland

Oct 2010

Risky drinking and adverse sexual experiences in NZ university students

Sep 2010

Getting drunk key to bonding for young people

Aug 2010

Italy: harmful or protective factors?

Apr 2010

Public service announcements designed to reduce binge drinking in college students may lead to increased use

Oct 2009

Adrian Furnham - Alcohol and young adults

Sep 2009

The importance of social norms - Changing perceptions about student drinking reduces alcohol misuse

Apr 2009 College men unimpressed by female binge drinkers
Dec 2008 Motivations for young people (28-24) in US
Aug 2008 The turning tides of intoxication: young people's drinking in Britain in the 2000s by Helena Conibear, Executive Director, AIM
Mar 2008 US survey reveals that college students show concern for others, and themselves
Jan 2008 NIAAA - What Colleges Need to Know Now An Update on College Drinking Research

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