last updated: February 22, 2021
Alcohol and Young People - Statistics- recent reports and articles

Nov 2020 COVID-19 cuts into US college students’ drinking
Nov 2020 ESPAD Report 2019
Sep 2020 What explains the decline in adolescent binge-drinking in New Zealand?
Sep 2020 Changes over time in young adults’ harmful alcohol consumption
Jan 2020 2018 HBSC Ireland Report
Jan 2020 US Monitoring the Future survey finds continuing declines in prescription opioid misuse, tobacco
Oct 2019 IARD report on Underage Drinking
Oct 2019 Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among Young People in England 2018
Jun 2019 Alcohol-related emergency hospital admissions in children and adolescents in Wales
Jul 2018 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance — United States, 2017
May 2018 15-year-old tobacco and alcohol abstainers in Norway
Mar 2018 More than one in ten 14-year-olds in the UK admit to binge drinking
Nov 2017 Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England - 2016
Nov 2017 Millennials and alcohol in Italy – Consuming less, but earlier
Nov 2017 Trends in adolescent alcohol use in the Netherlands, 1992-2015
Mar 2017 Public Health England report on young drug and alcohol users
Mar 2017 Teen drug and alcohol use at lowest rate since 1990s: Monitoring the Future
Jun 2016 Monitoring The Future National Survey Results on Drug Use 1975-2015
Jun 2016 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
Feb 2016 What role do changes in the demographic composition play in the declining trends in alcohol consumption and the increase of non-drinkers in swedish youth?
Jul 2015 England – Drinking among 11-15 year olds at all time low for survey
Mar 2015 Teenage alcohol related hospitalisation post legal drinking age rise in Holland 
Feb 2015 The American Freshman Survey 2014
Jan 2015 Monitoring the Future survey finds that use of alcohol and cigarettes declines among US teens
Oct 2014 Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England –
Apr 2014 Public Health England publish Child Profiles
Feb 2014 Teen drinking rates hit historic lows in the US
Jan 2014 The health and wellbeing of 12-15 year-old girls in Britain
Jan 2014 One-fifth of high school seniors in the US report recent binge drinking
Dec 2013 UK accident and emergency departments attendance for alcohol related conditions - figures for under 18s lowest for 8 years
Aug 2013 Alcohol Concern report - Underage teens buy alcohol online
Aug 2013 SHEU ‘Young People into 2013’ report- Scotland
June 2013 Getting the facts right on underage drinking in the EU
June 2013 Fewer drinking; young drinking more responsibly in New Zealand
Jun 2013 France: Youths and the consumption of alcohol
Dec 2012 Substance misuse among young people 2011–12 in England
Nov 2012 National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse XVII: Teens
June 2012 European school survey report of 15-16 year olds conducted every 4 years across 36 EU countries released
May 2012 Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Study (HBSC): 2009/2010 report
Mar 2012 Survey reveals Scottish teenagers’ drinking habits
Dec 2011 Monitoring the Future survey results show further reductions in drinking amongst teens
Nov 2011 SAMHSA releases new underage drinking data
May 2011 Scottish youngsters drinking and smoking less and eating  more  healthily
May 2011 Young US alcohol users often get alcohol from family or home
Feb 2011 German underage drinking cut by half in last 30 years
Feb 2011 Australian government report on teenage drinking
Feb 2011 US Freshman Survey shows students are drinking and partying less

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