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Disparities in alcohol use and heavy episodic drinking among bisexual people

Authors of a study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence state that alcohol consumption is more prevalent among sexual minorities than among heterosexuals; however, differences between minority sexual orientation groups are understudied. A systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to summarise existing evidence on the prevalence of alcohol use among bisexual people compared to their lesbian/gay and heterosexual counterparts.
A systematic review of literature from 1995 to May 2020 was performed. Of 105 studies eligible for data extraction, the overall prevalence of alcohol use was higher among bisexuals compared to lesbian/gay and heterosexual people. For example, the prevalence of past-month HED was 30.0% (28.2, 31.8) among bisexual people versus 25.5% (23.8, 27.2) among lesbian/gay and 21.3% (19.6, 23.0) among heterosexual individuals. Estimates showed that bisexual people were more likely to report alcohol use and HED compared to their counterparts. Gender was a significant effect modifier in meta-regression analysis, with greater disparities among women than among men.
The study authors comment that these results highlight the need for additional research to understand factors underlying bisexual people’s greater risk, and particularly bisexual women, as well as alcohol use interventions that are targeted towards the specific needs of bisexual people.
Source: Disparities in alcohol use and heavy episodic drinking among bisexual people: A systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression. Mostafa Shokoohi, David J Kinitz , Dixon Pinto, Zafiro Andrade-Romo, Zhiheng Zeng, Alex Abramovich, Travis Salway , Lori E Ross. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Volume 235, 2022, 109433.
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