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Responsible Drinking - Research and Studies
Disparities in alcohol use and heavy episodic drinking among bisexual people (June 2021)
The effect of alcohol on mood among males drinking with a platonic friend (Aug 2021)
Has the increased participation in the national campaign ‘Dry January’ been associated with cutting down alcohol consumption in England? (Aug 2021)
Understanding the influence of eating patterns on binge drinking (Jan 2021)
A new perspective on European drinking cultures (Jan 2021)
Shiftwork and alcohol consumption (Jan 2021)
Facebook and the fun of drinking photos: Reproducing gendered regimes of power (Nov 2020)
Fun/ intoxication pre-drinking motives lead indirectly to more alcohol-related consequences (Nov 2020)
The potential effect of in-laws’ history of drinking problems (Sep 2020)
Perceived social capital and binge drinking in older adults (Sep 2020)
Consumer perception and behaviour related to low-alcohol wine: do people overcompensate? (Sep 2020)
The role of alcohol-free and low-strength drinks in reducing alcohol-related harms (Sep 2020)
Why low and alcohol free beers could be considered health drinks (Sep 2020)
Perceived social capital and binge drinking in older adults (Sep 2020)
Shiftwork and alcohol consumption (Aug 2020)
Longitudinal relations between drinking contexts, drinking motives, and negative alcohol consequences (Aug 2020)
Effects on alcohol consumption of announcing and implementing revised UK low-risk drinking guidelines (Aug 2020)
Short- and longer-term benefits of temporary alcohol abstinence during ‘Dry January’ are not also observed in the general population (Aug 2020)
Adults of all ages experience peer pressure, UK study reveals (Aug 2020)
Understanding (intentional/unintentional) binge drinking at home in Ireland (Aug 2020)
A scoping review of “Responsible Drinking” Interventions (May 2020)
Drinking behaviour and peer pressure in relation to alcohol (Oct 2019)
What does the public think are the ‘target groups’ and ‘occasions’ for lower strength wines and beers? (Aug 2019)
The role of sex and age on predrinking in 27 countries (June 2019)
Drinkers ignore government guidance and construct personal thresholds of too much alcohol (June 2019)
Socioeconomic inequalities in the delivery of brief interventions for smoking and excessive drinking (May 2019)
Moderate emotional reactions to stressful life events are associated with lowest risk of increased alcohol consumption (May 2019)
Associations between socio-economic factors and alcohol consumption: A population survey of adults in England (Mar 2019)
Transitions to and from at-risk alcohol use in adults in the United States (Jul 2018)
Reducing the standard serving size of alcoholic beverages prompts reductions in alcohol consumption (June 2018)
Alcohol Concern report on UK alcohol guidance for expectant and new mothers (June 2018)
Educational differences in alcohol consumption and heavy drinking (Apr 2018)
The within- and between-person effects of peer- and self reported status in the drinking group on alcohol-related outcomes  (Apr 2018)
Effects of a multi-component intervention on improving adherence to, and knowledge of, alcohol legislation in a UK nightlife setting  
Tackling multiple unhealthy risk factors - Emerging lessons from practice (Apr 2018)

Alcohol consumption, masculinity, and alcohol-related violence and antisocial behaviour in sportspeople (Apr 2018)

Campaign cuts drunken advances in the UK (Oct 2017)
Motivations for reducing alcohol consumption: exploring experiences that may lead to a change in drinking habits (Oct 2017)
Alcohol and healthy ageing: a challenge for alcohol policy (July 2017)
The affect of the economic crisis on alcohol consumption in an older European economically active population (May 2017)
Trajectories of risky drinking around the time of statutory retirement (May 2017)
SmartStart: Results of a large point of entry study into preloading alcohol and associated behaviours (May 2017)
Typology and dynamics of heavier drinking styles in Great Britain: 1978–2010 (March 2017)
Rethinking brief interventions for alcohol in general practice (March 2017)nterventions for alcohol in general practice
Understanding the alcohol harm paradox (March 2017)
Investigating single- versus multiple-source approaches to communicating health messages via an online simulation (March 2017)
Prenatal alcohol consumption between conception and recognition of pregnancy (March 2017)
Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy – a multinational European study (March 2017)
Content analysis of UK newspaper and online news representations of women’s and men’s ‘binge’ drinking (Jan 2017)
Changing risk behaviours andpromoting cognitive health in older adults (Dec 2016)
Short-term effects of announcing revised lower risk national drinking guidelines on related awareness and knowledge (Dec 2016)
Is the evidence base really shifting for low risk drinking guidelines? Creina Stockley, Health & Regulatory Information Manager, The Australian Wine Research Institute (Nov 2016)
Do consumers want more nutritional and health information on wine labels? (July 2016)
The Drink Wise, Age Well Inquiry (June 2016)
Older people's drinking needs to be recognised and not stigmatised (June 2016)
Attitude, motivation, and norm variables tended to be more important than personality in distinguishing drinker types (June 2016)
Going to you local pub is good for you, study finds (Feb 2016)
Lay epidemiology and the interpretation of low risk drinking guidelines by adults in the United Kingdom (Sept 2015)
Binge drinking vs. drunkenness: the questionable threshold of excess for young Italians (Sept 2015)
Socioeconomic status moderates genetic and environmental influences on alcohol use (Mar 2015)
Understanding the Alcohol Harm Paradox (Mar 2015)
The association between long working hours and alcohol use (Jan 2015)
Big drinkers: How BMI, gender and rules of thumb influence the free pouring of wine (Sep 2014)
IREB presentations on alcohol and aggression (Apr 2014)
Drinkaware annual conference ‘2014, A catalyst for change?' (Apr 2014) 

Reducing the Strength conference (Apr 2014)

Women better at knowing their limits, study finds (Apr 2014)
Do hangovers influence future drinking decisions? (Apr 2014)

Do individual and situational factors explain the link between predrinking and heavier alcohol consumption? (Apr 2014)

The impact of stressful life events on excessive alcohol consumption in the french population: Findings from the GAZEL cohort study 
Could saving the traditional pub be the answer to Britain’s binge drinking problem? (Jan 2014)

How bartenders relate to intoxicated customers (Dec 2013)

Call for safer drinking levels for over 65s (Oct 2013)
Actual and perceived units of alcohol in a self-defined ‘usual glass’ of alcoholic drinks (Mar 2013)
Is it time for global guidelines on safe levels of drinking (Mar 2013)
Reactions to threatening health messages (Jan 2013)
‘Just say no’ campaigns could have opposite effect (Dec 2012)
Winning the battle against binge drinking in the UK by Helena Conibear (Nov 2012)
Alcohol is a social lubricant, study confirms (Nov 2012)
Alcohol on Emotion and Social Bonding (Nov 2012)
Determinants of pregnant women’s compliance with alcohol guidelines: a prospective cohort study (Nov 2012)
Frequent binge drinking among women linked to unemployment but not for men (Nov 2012)
Beer-glass shape alters people’s drinking speed (Sep 2012)

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