last updated: January 28, 2022
Responsible Drinking - Guidelines, policy reviews and legislation
AIM Summary of responsible drinking guidelines worldwide (2018)
UK - Government response to the public consultation - How to keep health risks from drinking alcohol to a low level
France - alcohol consumption guidelines consultation
New Zealand Low Risk Drinking Guidelines
US - Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Canada - Recommended Guidelines for Low Risk Drinking
New Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol
Dec 2021 Public consultation on proposed changes to alcohol licensing laws opens in Ireland
Nov 2020 Low-risk drinking guidelines around the world: An overview of the current situation
Oct 2019 Scotland’s Minimum Unit Pricing Evaluation - Compliance study
May 2018 Tackling multiple unhealthy risk factors - Emerging lessons from practice
Apr 2018 Effects of a multi-component intervention on improving adherence to, and knowledge of, alcohol legislation in a UK nightlife setting
Oct 2017 France Health Strategy
Oct 2017 New Alcohol Act submitted to Parliament in Finland
May 2017 France modified guidelines
Feb 2016 Development of the National Alcohol Strategy 2016-2021 in Australia
Feb 2016 Finland proposes Alcohol Act reform
Feb 2016 UK new drinking guidelines continue to provoke media debate
Feb 2016 Clarification on labelling following UK CMO guidance on low risk drinking
Jan 2016 Draft UK Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines on safe or low risk levels of drinking 2016
Jan 2014 Northern Ireland drinks law reforms - Consultation report published
Jan 2013 NICE to develop alcohol screening targets
Jan 2013 Nurses to lead front-line campaign to cut alcohol related injuries
Jan 2013 Alcohol education and training in pre-registration nursing
  Ireland - - How many units
Nov 2012 Limits on safe drinking reduced in the Republic of Ireland
Nov 2012 Northern Ireland to ban ‘all you can drink’ pub promotions
Nov 2012 Wine industry adopting health warnings in Australia
Nov 2012 Education campaign to encourage alcohol and pregnancy discussion between patients and GPs in Australia
Nov 2012 Western Australia Government recommends alcohol free pregnancy

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