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Four in 10 beer buyers never check alcohol content


In Ireland, a survey by Empathy Research reveals that 43% of beer purchasers claim that they never check the alcohol content of the beer they are purchasing. A similar proportion (43%) claim to “sometimes” check the alcohol content, and 14% claim they “always” check the alcohol content.

The research was carried out on behalf of Retail Intelligence and conducted amongst a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults aged 18+. The survey focused on the role of alcohol labelling and which aspects play the most important roles for consumers. Those who purchase wine are more likely to check the alcohol content when purchasing. 69% of wine buyers claim that they check the alcohol content, and 25% say that the “always” check. 61% of spirit buyers check the alcohol content, with 16% “always” checking.

57% of adults believe that there needs to be some improvement to how alcohol content is currently displayed on labeling. 47% thought that it is fairly well displayed but could be improved. 10% thought that is very unclear and in need of significant improvement.

The survey findings indicate that the overall impact of alcohol content being listed on alcohol products appears limited, being least likely to affect purchase of spirits. 76% of spirit buyers claim that listing the alcohol content of the product has had no impact on their purchase decision. 69% beer buyers claim not to have been affected, with 63% of wine buyers not affected by the alcohol content when purchasing.

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