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YouGov / Portman group survey on consumer attitudes to alcohol packaging


The Portman Group has published the results of a survey carried out by YouGov in October 2019, which explored public attitudes to alcohol packaging and how products are designed to be consumed, shared and resealed. The research was conducted on behalf of the Independent Complaints Panel (ICP), which considers complaints brought forward on the naming packaging, promotion and sponsorship of alcoholic drinks under the Portman Group’s Codes of Practice. The survey is part of the evidence-based approach of the ICP and is intended to inform the Panel’s understanding of the UK public’s perception of alcohol packaging and immoderate drinking, in the context of the latest edition of the Code of Practice and its associated guidance. The 2019 survey included 2,010 adults across Britain and was conducted online on 31 October -1 November 2019. The 2019 survey results are consistent with previous surveys conducted in 2016 and 2014 and show that the public believe: • Larger products with higher ABVs are designed to be decanted into a glass and shared and / or consumed over multiple sittings. • Smaller products with lower ABVs are designed to be consumed straight from the container by one person in one sitting. However, beers and ciders with an ABV of 8% in a 500ml can are seen as designed to be consumed by one person in one sitting straight from the can. The surveys remind producers that their choice of container and its size has a real impact on consumer perceptions and how a product is consumed.

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