last updated: July 21, 2022

Advertising, marketing and labelling - Labelling
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June 2022 Portman Group updates labelling guidance
Aug 2021 Alcohol product labels and their affect on wine consumption
Aug 2021 New report shows beer producers lead the industry in providing nutritional information to consumers
Jan 2021 WSTA Launches low and no alcohol labelling guidance
Nov 2020 Implementing health warnings on alcoholic beverages: on the leading role of countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Nov 2020 Consumers’ reactions to nutrition and ingredient labelling for wine - A cross-country discrete choice experiment
Nov 2020 Effect of alcohol label designs on knowledge and understanding of Low Risk Drinking Guidelines
Sep 2020 UK alcohol producers clear industry regulatory hurdles
Aug 2020 New Zealand Ministers approve mandatory alcohol pregnancy warning label
Jan 2020 Pregnancy warning labels NZ
Jan 2020 YouGov / Portman group survey on consumer attitudes to alcohol packaging
Oct 2019 Brewers make 2022 consumer labelling commitment to European Commission
Aug 2019 Consumer information on spirits drinks in the EU
May 2019 IARD policy reviews on health warning labels on alcohol beverages
Jul 2018 Europe’s brewers continue to lead by example on food information to consumers
Jun 2018 EU health chief not satisfied with industry’s alcohol labelling proposal
May 2018 Labelling interventions to reduce alcohol consumption
May 2018 France - drinking in pregnancy logo to be enlarged on packaging in 2019
May 2018 Four in 10 beer buyers never check alcohol content
May 2018 Pregnancy warnings should be adopted by all, say Australian Brewers
Mar 2018

Attitudes to alcohol labelling in the UK

Mar 2018 Low alcohol and alcohol-free drinks labelling in the UK 
Mar 2018 Doctors demand comprehensive alcohol labelling
Oct 2017 Industry guidance for communicating alcohol and health-related information
Oct 2017 Impact of calorie or unit information on ad libitum alcohol consumption
Oct 2017 A review of the evidence on standard drink labelling
May 2017 Labelling of alcoholic beverages – EU Commission report
Apr 2017 The effectiveness of current French health warnings displayed on alcohol advertisements and alcoholic beverages
Mar 2017 Alcohol consumers’ attention to warning labels and brand information on alcohol packaging
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