Page last updated: March 28, 2017

Beer producers to introduce nutrition information panels

In New Zealand the country’s two leading beer producers have committed to add nutrition information panels to the back of bottles, cans and packaging, helping consumers to be more informed about what they are drinking, coming into effect from 24 February 2017. The Brewers Association, in partnership with two of its members, Lion and DB, has committed to rolling out the voluntary initiative and in 2017 more than 450 million beer bottles and cans will carry information on sugar, calories, dietary fibre, protein and carbohydrate content. All products will continue to carry standard drinks labelling. Colmar Brunton research commissioned by the Brewers Association found that many Kiwis are not aware that beer is low in sugar. The truth is that most beer is 99% sugar free. Kevin Sinnott, External Relations Director, Brewers Association New Zealand, said “We know that sugars and preservatives are particularly important to consumers and shoppers, so we’ve highlighted these facts.” The initiative is stage one of a long-term category programme, called ‘Beer the Beautiful Truth’, designed to bust myths and communicate nutritional facts about beer.

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