Page last updated: May 2019

Brazil considers legislation to restrict advertising and introduce health warning labels

In Brazil, the Social Affairs Commission is considering draft legislation that would permit alcohol advertising on posters and billboards, but ban alcohol advertising on all other media. In addition, alcohol advertising will not be allowed to include minors, feature sports or driving, or promote alcohol as having any medicinal or relaxing properties.

The new draft legislation would apply to all alcohol with an ABV of 0.5% or more. Currently some beer and wines are exempt because currently restriction only apply to alcohol beverages with an ABV higher than 13%.

The Social Affairs Commission (CAS) is also considering a bill that would introduce healthwarning labels on alcohol beverages. The draft proposals would introduce health-warning labels on alcohol beverages, warning against excessive drinking, consumption during pregnancy and underage drinking. All advertisements would be required to feature similar messages. The proposal has passed to the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ) and Education, Culture and Sport (CE) Committees. If approved, the bill would take 120 days to become law. A “National Day of Prevention and Combating Alcoholism and Drugs” would also be introduced, which would be celebrated annually on January 17.



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