last updated: October 12, 2020
Advertising, marketing and labelling - Policy Reviews and Legislation
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Aug 2020 Alcohol pricing and marketing in the WHO European Region: update report on the evidence and recommended policy actions (2020)
Oct 2019 Portman group advice on labeling
Aug 2019 Facebook and Instagram to restrict content related to alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarettes

Aug 2019

Online alcohol sale and delivery code of conduct in Australia
May 2019 Brazil considers legislation to restrict advertising and introduce health warning labels
May 2019 Health warning labels in Michigan
May 2019 New stricter rules on ads for alcoholic drinks in Belgium
May 2019 New York City alcohol advertising ban
Oct 2017 Calls to improve labelling of alcoholic beverages in Europe
Apr 2017 Communicating the UK Chief Medical Officers’ low risk drinking guidelines
Mar 2017 Beer producers to introduce nutrition information panels
Mar 2017 Nepal government legislates to regulate the marketing and sale of alcohol
Jan 2017 French winemakers protest over double-size warning labels for pregnant women
Jan 2017 State monopoly on the sale of alcohol to be relaxed in Finland
Jan 2017 Sweden plan to ban online alcohol sales
Jan 2017 Spain: Congress approves limiting alcohol advertising in the media
Feb 2016 Portman Group launch new training for alcohol marketers
Sep 2015 Reckless alcohol promotions targeted in New South Wales
Apr 2014 ASA bans “irresponsible” facebook adverts
Apr 2014 MillerCoors first US beer brand to adopt a new voluntary labelling system
Apr 2014 International Chamber of Commerce issues marketing guidelines of alcohol
Dec 2013 Portman Group introduce UK-wide Sponsorship Code
Dec 2013 Drinks watchdog in Northern Ireland first year report
Dec 2013

Twitter to roll out age-gating tool

Dec 2013

Cabinet approves bill banning alcohol ads in South Africa

Aug 2013 Tightening of NSW liquor promotion guidelines to include discounting at bottle shops
Aug 2013 US Experts developing framework for responsible marketing of alcohol
Aug 2013 Feds put new rules on wineries’ use of social media
Nov 2012 UK Alcohol Strategy - including advertising/ marketing
Nov 2012 Northern Ireland clamps down on drinks promotions
April 2012 UK Responsibility deal
March 2012 UK Mandatory conditions for alcohol sale
Jan 2008 Australian and New Zealand - warning labels for pregnant women
March 2007 National Drug Policy NZ Report of the Steering Group for the Review of the Regulation of Alcohol Advertising

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