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Advertising and marketing and labelling - Research and studies
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June 2022 Ongoing decline in children’s exposure to age-restricted TV ads
June 2022 Preventing sales of alcohol to intoxicated patrons in nightlife settings in the United Kingdom
June 2022 Women’s magazines as contradictory spaces for alcohol messaging
Aug 2021 Exposure to alcohol references on social media is related to alcohol consumption via drinking and nondrinking identity
Aug 2021 Online alcohol sales and home delivery: An international policy review and systematic literature review
Sep 2020 ASA find high adherence to age restricted advertising rules by alcohol brands
Jan 2020 Children’s exposure to age-restricted TV ads: 2018 update
Aug 2019 Do restrictive practices on alcohol sales reduce alcohol related violence?
May 2019 Long-term associations between substance use related media exposure, descriptive norms, and alcohol use from adolescence to young adulthood  
Oct 2017 Impact of calorie or unit information on ad libitum alcohol consumption
Oct 2017 A review of the evidence on standard drink labelling
May 2017 Features of alcohol harm reduction advertisements that most motivate reduced drinking among adults
Apr 2017 The effectiveness of current French health warnings displayed on alcohol advertisements and alcoholic beverages
Mar 2017 Alcohol consumers’ attention to warning labels and brand information on alcohol packaging
Jun 2016 France’s Évin Law on the control of alcohol advertising: content, effectiveness and limitations
Jun 2016 An evaluation of alcohol retailers’ willingness to voluntarily reduce the availability of low cost, high strength beers and ciders in the UK
Mar 2015 Rise in advertising spend has not resulted in elevated consumption in the US
Apr 2014

FTC fourth major study on alcohol advertising and industry efforts to reduce marketing to underage

Jan 2014 Trends in alcohol portrayal in music in the UK
Jan 2014 In the US, leading brands dominate popular music mentions
Jan 2014

STIVA Symposium on responsible alcohol marketing

Nov 2013

Alcohol marketing in televised English professional football

Oct 2013 Independent audit finds ‘overwhelming majority’ of drinks packaging is responsible in the UK
Oct 2013 STIVA Symposium on responsible alcohol marketing
Nov 2012 Can promotion of lower alcohol products help reduce consumption?
Mar 2012

Do media messages change people’s risk perceptions for binge drinking?

Mar 2012

JRF report: Young people, alcohol and the media

Mar 2012 Final report of the AMMIE project (Alcohol Marketing Monitoring in Europe)
Aug 2010 Report on progress of self regulation in alcohol advertising in Europe
Sep 2009 UK Public Health Commission report 'We’re All In This Together, Improving the Long-Term Health of the Nation’
May 2009 Anheuser-Busch Survey ’Education vs. Restrictions’
Feb 2009 Branded consumption and social identification - young people and alcohol
Sep 2007 EFRD Advertising Compliance Monitoring - Report 2007
Sep 2007 Alcohol Advertising And Youth
Aug 2007 The ELSA Project (Enforcement Of National Laws And Self-Regulation on advertising and marketing of alcohol), coordinated by stap (national foundation for alcohol prevention in the Netherlands)
Jun 2007 Responsibility Advertising
Apr 2007 Brewers Of Europe - Briefing Document On Beer Advertising In Europe


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