last updated: June 2, 2020
Drink Drive - Policy Reviews and Legislation

Worldwide Drink Drive BAC limits - AIM (Sep 2018)

Global status report on road safety 2015
UK government to review potential of alcohol interlocks (Oct 2019)
In Cyprus, government approves tough penalties for traffic offences (May 2019)
EU vehicle safety proposals to require standardised alcohol interlock interface (July 2018)
Ireland – changes to drink drive legislation (July 2018)
Alcohol interlocks in Belgium for high-level & repeat offenders interface (July 2018)
Ireland considers update to BAC limit for professional drivers (June 2018)
Belgium - alcolock implementation  (Mar 2018)
Call for mandatory alcohol interlocks in vans, lorries and buses across the EU (Mar 2018)

Dutch to implement tougher approach for drink-driving (Mar 2018)

Drivers in the UK who cause fatal road crashes to receive life sentences (Nov 2017)
European Commission may introduce a common zero BAC limit for all novice drivers (Dec 2017)
Irish government pass bill to disqualify motorists over limit from driving (March 2017)
Alcolocks to replace driving ban in France for some drivers (Dec 2016)
Tougher drink drive laws in Northern Ireland for professional drivers (Jan 2016)
France amend law for young drivers (March 2015)
Scottish Government to reduce drink drive limit
Europe - WHO - Consolidation regional alcohol profile for drink driving
European Commision - legal limits for Blood Alcohol Concentrations

ETSC road safety manifesto for the 2014 European Parliament elections (Jan 2014)

Suggested drink drive legislation in Poland (Jan 2014)

Denmark-drink driving limit change suggested (Aug 2013)
Tougher measures for high risk drink drivers in the UK (June 2013)
UK - Review of effectiveness of laws limiting blood alcohol concentration levels to reduce alcohol-related road injuries and deaths Centre for Public Health Excellence NICE (2010)
UK Government - Think Road Safety
Interlocks for all DUI convictions in Kentucky (May 2019)
US legislation for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with a child (July 2018)
Canada: Drink Driving Regulations  (Mar 2018)
New US Immigration policy focuses on alcohol-related charges (Nov 2017)
Canadian government introduces changes to impaired driving laws (May 2017)
Mandatory reporting of DUIs to national database to be enforced (June 2016)
California Senate bill to require all DUI offenders to have interlock device installed (June 2016)
Drunk driving laws in 24 US states
US NHTSA impaired driving
US - NHTSA - on DWI laws in other countries

Ottawa private member’s bill to allow for random breath tests (Dec 2013)

Actions to eliminate alcohol-impaired driving in the US (June 2013)
NTSB recommends ignition locks for all drunk drivers (Jan 2013)
Effectiveness of drink driving Countermeasures: National Policy Framework in Australia (Apr 2020)
New South Wales drink drivers to lose licence under zero-tolerance laws (May 2019)
First-time drink drivers in Victoria to lose licence, get interlock device under tough new laws (Nov 2017)
New Zealand consider a lower drink drive limit (Jan 2014)

Car locks for drink-drivers in Western Australia (Jan 2014)

Over 200 New Zealand drunk drivers ordered to fit alcohol interlocks to vehicles (Jan 2014)

Repeat drink drivers to get self-monitoring device in Australia (June 2013)
New Zealand safer journeys Action Plan (June 2013)
Alcohol interlocks for drink-drivers in New Zealand (Sep 2012)
Alcoholic beverages to carry warning on safe driving in India (June 2018)
Drink Don’t Drive’ campaign agreement signed in Cambodia  (Mar 2018)
China - Court ruling toughens up drunk driving laws (Jan 2014)

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