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A third of autopsied drivers in Portugal had been drinking (Nov 2020)

Reported road casualties in Great Britain: final estimates involving illegal alcohol levels: 2018 (Sep 2020)
TIRF releases Alcohol-Impaired Driving update in the United States and Canada (Jan 2020)
Reported road casualties involving illegal alcohol levels in Great Britain (Oct 2019)

The effect of alcohol and drugs on road deaths in Spain (Aug 2019)

Spain drink drive convictions increase (Jun 2019)
Alcohol-related drink drive fatalities and casualties in Great Britain (Mar 2018)
Long term trend continues to show decline in drunk driving fatalities in the US (Nov 2017)
Drivers killed in crashes more likely to have used drugs than alcohol (May 2017)
Impaired driving in Canada, 2015 (Mar 2017)
CDC report on fatal crashes in the US (July 2016)
International trends in alcohol and drug use among vehicle drivers (June 2016)
Drink drive disqualifications and accidents fall in the UK, but still much to be done (Feb 2016)
Reported road casualties in Great Britain (Sept 2015)
National Roadside Survey results show drunk driving at lowest rate ever, drugged driving up significantly (Feb 2015)
Reported road casualties in Great Britain, provisional estimates (Feb 2015)
Drink-driving prosecutions down 60% since 2006 in Ireland (Sep 2014)
EU releases 2013 road death figures (Apr 2014)

US traffic fatalities up slightly in 2012 (Jan 2014)

Drink-drive fatalities increase in UK (Dec 2013)
UK Drink-Drive deaths: good and bad news 2012  (Oct 2013)
Australia/ New Zealand - Operation Unite: A blitz on drunken violence (Dec 2012)
UK  Drink-drive fatal accidents  rise to 260 in 2011 (Sept 2012)
Ireland sees reduction in drink driving (Nov 2012)

Scottish drink-drive incidents rise (Mar 2012)

CDC report on alcohol impaired driving in the US (Mar 2012)

Fatalities on US highways continue to drop (Mar 2012)

State Of Knowledge: Female Drunk Drivers (Jan 2012)
UK Drink Drive Christmas campaigns – positive tests fall (AIM Feb 2011)
NHTSA report on prom fatalities for 2010 (AIM Feb 2011)

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