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The Brain and Alcohol

Alcohol and Alzheimer's/ Dementia and cognitive decline (last updated Jan 2022)

The relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of glioma tumors of the brain (Nov 2021)

Effects of alcohol intake on cognitive function in mice (May 2021)
Alcohol, coffee and tea intake and the risk of cognitive deficits (March 2021)
Changes in the brain directly following alcohol consumption (Nov 2020)
Cognitive functioning related to binge alcohol and cannabis co-use in abstinent adolescents and young adults (Sep 2020)
Cognitive aptitudes of young women may be more affected with high alcohol use than men (July 2020)
A key brain region for regulating binge-like alcohol consumption identified in mice (June 2020)
Alcohol use and cognitive functioning in young adults: improving causal inference (June 2020)
Traumatic brain injury and alcohol intoxication: Effects on injury patterns and short-term outcome (June 2020)
Effect of alcohol use on the adolescent brain and behaviour (May 2020)
Adult-life alcohol consumption and age-related cognitive decline from early adulthood to late midlife (Jan 2020)
Alcohol consumption and cognitive function in elderly Japanese men (Jan 2020)
Effects of iso-α-acids, the hop-derived bitter components in beer, on the MRI-based Brain (Oct 2019)
Predicting development of adolescent drinking behaviour from whole brain structure at age 14 (Aug 2019)
Reward-related brain activity prospectively predicts increases in alcohol use in adolescents (June 2019)
Brain responses to anticipating and receiving beer (May 2019)
Dietary patterns during adulthood and cognitive performance in midlife (May 2019)
Bitter components in beer suppress inflammatory responses and attenuate neural hyperactivation in the hippocampus (Mar 2019)

Researchers find that different brain areas linked to smoking and drinking (Jan 2019)

Brain responses to anticipation and consumption of beer with and without alcohol (Dec 2018)
The benefit of moderate alcohol use on mood and functional ability in later life (Nov 2018)
Impact of coffee, wine, and chocolate consumption on cognitive outcome and MRI parameters in old age (Nov 2018)
The affect of binge drinking on the brain differs for men and women (Oct 2018)

Cognitive decline and alcohol consumption adjusting for functional status in community living older adults (Sep 2018)

Changes in the serum metabolite profile correlate with decreased brain grey matter volume in moderate-to-heavy-drinking young adults (June 2018)
Study concludes, ‘excessive drinking in teens may affect short-term memory' (June 2018)
People with family history of alcoholism release more dopamine in expectation of alcohol (May 2018)

Effects of low and high alcohol intake on glymphatic function (March 2018)

Low-level alcohol consumption during adolescence and its impact on cognitive control development (Mar 2018)

The relationship between alcohol use and long-term cognitive decline in middle and late life: a longitudinal analysis using UK Biobank (Jan 2018)

Earlier alcohol use onset prospectively predicts changes in functional connectivity (Jan 2018)
Alcohol use in adolescence and later working memory (Jan 2018)
Alcohol binge drinking and executive functioning during adolescent brain development (Dec 2017)
Sex differences in the association of alcohol with cognitive decline and brain pathology in a cohort of octogenarians (Dec 2017)
Beer ingredient hordenine activates the reward centre in the brain (Oct 2017)
Alcohol Intake and cognitively healthy longevity in community-dwelling adults (Aug 2017)
Creativity on tap? Effects of alcohol intoxication on creative cognition (Aug 2017)
Improved memory for information learnt before alcohol use in social drinkers (Aug 2017)
Gender dimorphism of brain reward system volumes in alcoholism (May 2017)
Molecular mechanism behind the neuroprotective effect of wine compounds (May 2017)
Neural impact of low-level alcohol use on response inhibition in young adults (May 2017)
Alcohol use and risk of intracerebral hemorrhage (May 2017)
Influence of the concentrate of red wine polyphenols on glutamate neurotoxicity
Alcohol drinking patterns and risk of functional limitations in two cohorts of older adults (Sept 2016)
Moderate, regular alcohol consumption is associated with higher cognitive function in older community-dwelling adults (Sept 2016)
Researchers pinpoint neurons that tell the brain when to stop drinking (Sept 2016)
Positive blood alcohol level in severe traumatic brain injury is associated with better long-term functional outcome (Sept 2016)
Alcohol intake and reduced mortality in patients with traumatic brain injury (May 2016)
Alcohol and mortality after moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: a meta analysis of observational studies (Jan 2016)
Brain’s response to different levels of alcohol in wine (Apr 2015)
Alcohol consumption and brain structure on MRI scans (Aug 2014)
To drink or not to drink: Decision-making center of brain identified (May 2014)
Heavy drinking linked to early onset of memory decline (Jan 2014)
The relationship between midlife and late life alcohol consumption, apoe e4 and the decline in learning and memory among older adults (Jan 2014)
Hangover impairs brain function (Oct 2013)
Early-onset dementia linked to alcohol abuse in young men (Oct 2013)
Aerobic exercise may protect brain of heavy drinkers (Aug 2013)
Rare alpine bacteria helps identify one of alcohol’s key gateways to the brain (Aug 2013)
A meta analysis of alcohol consumptino and the risk of brain tumour (June 2013)
Phenolic acid intake from moderate Champagne consumption improves spatial working memory in rodents (June 2013)
The taste of beer, withour the effect of alcohol, triggers dopamine release in the brain (June 2013)
Just one drink increases brain’s functional connectivity (Jan 2013)
Poor impulse control may be pre-wired in some teens (May 2012)
Alcohol is associated with a lower pneumonia rate after traumatic brain injury (May 2012)
Alcohol consumption may help creativity (May 2012)
Clue as to why alcohol is addictive: Scientists show that drinking releases brain endorphins (Feb 2012)
Correlating the blood alcohol concentration with outcome after traumatic brain injury: Too much is not a bad thing (Jan 2012)
Cerebral effects of binge drinking: Respective influences of global alcohol intake and consumption pattern (Jan 2012)
Can alcohol help the brain remember? Repeated ethanol exposure enhances synaptic plasticity in key brain area, study finds(June 2011)
Reduced risk of cognitive impairment by light to moderate intake of alcoholic beverages in Southern Chinese elderly population (April 2011)
Mediterranean diet linked to slower mental decline (Jan 2011)
Abstinence, heavy drinking and binge drinking all associated with increased risk of cognitive impairment (Jan 2011)
Two studies suggest alcohol may improve outcome for trauma patients
Adolescent binge drinking may compromise the brains white matter, necessary for information relay
Mediterranean diet may protect the brain
Chocolate, wine and tea can boost brain power
Study shows slower cognitive decline for moderate women drinkers
Association of alcohol consumption with brain volume in the Framingham study
Drinking alcohol dulls the brain’s ability to detect threats
Is there a J-shaped relationship between alcohol consumption and cognitive function with ageing? by Creina S. Stockley, Health and Regulatory Information Manager, The Australian Wine Research Institute
Does alcohol or aspirin consumption increase hemorrhaging in traumatic brain injury patients?
Drinking heavy amounts of alcohol shrinks the brain
Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with better cognitive function amongst US veterans
Moderate Alcohol Intake and Mental Function In Older Women
Moderate drinking associated with better cognition in women
Two studies offer clues about how alcoholic behaviour is switched
Heavy or binge drinking and its effect on the brain
Drinking and mental health risk
Alcohol and Cognitive Function in Women
Alcohol and Brain Structure
Brain stimulation in alcoholics
Alcohol on the Brain: Myths and Mysteries by Baroness Susan Greenfield
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