Section last updated: September 30, 2020
Head and Neck Cancers & Alcohol
Wine consumption and oral cavity cancer: Friend or foe, two faces of Janus (June 2020)
Associations of alcohol use disorders – an increase of risk for esophageal and a significant decrease in risk of gastric cancers (Feb 2016)
Joint and independent effect of alcohol and tobacco use on the risk of subsequent cancer incidence among cancer survivors (Jul 2015)

Alcohol consumption and esophageal and gastric cardia adeno carcinoma risk (May 2012)

Role of alcohol intake and smoking on upper aerodigestive cancers (Dec 2011)
Effects of smoking and alcohol use on the risk of upper aero-digestive cancers (Sep 2011)
Differences in role of heavy drinking depending on type of gullet cancer (May 2011)

UK cancer charity concern at rises in oral cancer

Wine drinkers have reduced risk of gullet cancer
Moderate consumption of wine and beer does not increase the risk of esophageal cancer
Multiple ADH genes are associated with upper aerodigestive cancers
Tobacco and heavy alcohol use independently increase risk of head and neck cancer
Specific Gene Linked with Upper Aerodigestive Tract Cancer
Smokers and Drinkers Show Gene Changes in Mouth Cells
Alcohol and Laryngeal Cancer
New study of alcohol and cancer of the upper digestive tract
Drinking, smoking and Oesophageal cancer
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