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Alcohol and Weight gain / Obesity
Obesity and alcohol – an overview (May 2012)
Association between alcohol intake and overweight and obesity (May 2021)
Eating and drinking habits and its association with obesity in Japanese healthy adults (Jan 2021)
Long-term low-dose ethanol intake improves healthspan and resists high-fat diet-induced obesity in mice (Aug 2020)
Association of alcohol consumption with obesity: Does moderate drinking increase or decrease the risk of obesity? (Aug 2019)
'Mediterranean' drinking style associated with lowest BMI and waist circumference (Mar 2019)
Iso-α-acids, bitter components of beer, prevent obesity induced cognitive decline (Apr 2018)
Associations between alcohol and obesity in more than 100,000 adults in England and Scotland (Apr 2018)
Does alcohol intake increase the risk of obesity? (Dec 2017)
Effects of white wine consumption on weight in rats: Do polyphenols matter? (Dec 2017)
Change in alcohol intake in relation to weight change in a cohort of US men with 24 years of follow-up (Oct 2017)
Alcohol consumption and its interaction with adiposity-associated genetic variants in relation to subsequent changes in waist circumference and body weight (Sep 2017)
Alcoholic beverage consumption contributes to caloric and moisture intakes and body weight status (May 2016)
Do the calories in alcoholic beverages lead to increased obesity? (Apr 2015)
Relationship between alcohol intake and lipid accumulation product in middle-aged men – moderate drinking more protective for those who smoke and don’t exercise (Oct 2013)
Obesity may reduce the protective effect of moderate drinking in older adults - general (Jan 2013)
Age-dependent inverse association between alcohol consumption and obesity in Japanese men (Sept 2011)
Does moderate alcohol consumption increase body weight? (Sept 2011)
Wine consumption is not associated with weight gain (April 2011)
Moderate drinking and staying slim
Two reports give conflicting results about link between moderate drinking and obesity
Drinking Patterns and Body Mass Index in Non-Smokers
Wine and Weighty Matters - Using wine to lose or gain weight?
Obesity on the rise
Weighing up wine
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