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LATEST ARTICLES from AIM DIgest (up to July 2022)


Wine consumption and the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly

The effect of resveratrol content in red wine on circulating sex hormone binding globulin
Association of alcohol use with years lived without major chronic diseases
Effect of beer consumption on methylation and redox metabolism
Associations between sleep patterns, smoking, and alcohol use among older adults in Canada
Moderate alcohol use is associated with reduced cardiovascular risk in middle-aged men
Lager beer, whether it contains alcohol or not, could help men’s gut microbes
Red and white wines: The effect of moderate consumption on human health
Alcohol consumption, polygenic risk score, and early- and late-onset colorectal cancer risk
Periconceptual and prenatal alcohol consumption and neurodevelopment at age two and five years
Separate and combined effects of alcohol and cannabis on mood,subjective experience, cognition and psychomotor performance

Beverage intake and ovarian reserve among women from a fertility centre

Beer, wine, and spirits differentially influence body composition in older white adults–a United Kingdom Biobank study
Older patients who consume alcohol regularly report better quality of life before and after surgery
Alcohol and health outcomes: An umbrella review of meta-analyses base on prospective cohort studies

The effect of drinking frequency on stroke risk

Mediterranean diet and other dietary patterns in association with biological aging in the Moli-sani Study cohort
Alcohol, drinking pattern, and chronic disease
Alcohol consumption as a predictor of mortality and life expectancy in older Chinese males
Healthy lifestyle counteracts the risk effect of genetic factors on incident gout
Mediterranean dietary pattern and the risk of type 2 diabetes
Age-based differences in quantity and frequency of consumption when screening for harmful alcohol use
Longitudinal associations between alcohol intake and arterial stiffness, pressure wave reflection, and inflammation
Association between adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and risk of type 2 diabetes
Mediterranean diet and diabetes risk in a cohort study of individuals with prediabetes
Healthy lifestyle and life expectancy with and without Alzheimer’s dementia: population based cohort study
Relation of alcohol intake to kidney function and mortality
Sex, gender, and alcohol use: Implications for women and low-risk drinking guidelines
Women and alcohol: Limitations in the cardiovascular guidelines
Alcohol consumption changes the ageing clock
Alcohol consumption and its association with chronic kidney disease
Relationships among alcohol drinking patterns, macronutrient composition, and caloric intake
Effect of moderate wine consumption on oxidative stress markers in coronary heart disease patients
Associations between alcohol consumption patterns and risk of multiple myeloma
Association of alcohol types, coffee and tea intake with mortality
The intake of flavonoids, stilbenes, and tyrosols is associated with lower carotid and femoral subclinical atherosclerosis and coronary calcium
Alcohol consumption and the risk of incident atrial fibrillation
Intake of flavonoids and flavonoid-rich foods and mortality risk among individuals with Parkinson’s disease
Alcohol consumption and risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Alcohol intake, beverage type, and lung function
Impact of lifestyle and comorbidities on seropositive rheumatoid arthritis risk
Alcohol intake and cognitive decline in a middle-aged cohort
Smoking, alcohol consumption, and the risk of thyroid cancer
LATEST REVIEWS from International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

Critique 255:  Wine consumption and the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly – 29 June 2022

Critique 254 – Adjusting for underreporting of alcohol intake in epidemiologic studies - 5 January 2022

Critique 253 – The relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of glioma tumors of the brain - 5 January 2022
Critique 252:  Dealing with previous alcohol exposure among “current non-drinkers” in epidemiologic studies testing the J-shaped curve –  3 December 2021
Critique 251: Does moderate drinking increase, or decrease, the risk of falls in middle-age to elderly adults?   - 1 November 2021
Critique 250: Importance of a favorable pattern of drinking (regularly, and with food) on risk of mortality –  28 July 2021
Critique 249:  Does light-to-moderate drinking increase the risk of atrial fibrillation? 
Critique 248:  Association of Alcohol Consumption with Cataract Surgery —  19 April 2021
Critique 247:  Effects of alcohol consumption on risk of stroke and systemic embolism among subjects with atrial fibrillation – 15 March 2021 
Critique 246: Light to moderate alcohol intake and the risk of cancer  —  8 February 2021
Critique 245:  Effects of different patterns of alcohol consumption on risk of mortality, major cardiovascular events, cirrhosis, and cancer —  25 January 2021
Critique 244:  Is “ideal cardiovascular health” more common among consumers of wine than among drinkers of other beverages?  —  18 December 2020
Critique 243:  Does the “quality” of the diet modify the relation of alcohol intake to the risk of hypertension?   –   19 October 2020
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