of differentiated thyroid cancer in the EPIC cohort
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LATEST ARTICLES from AIM DIgest (up to October 2022)

October 2022
Alcohol consumption and adiposity
Beer, wine, and spirits differentially influence body composition in older white adults-a United Kingdom Biobank study
A red wine intervention does not modify plasma trimethylamine N-oxide but is associated with broad shifts in the plasma metabolome and gut microbiota composition
The association between late-life alcohol consumption and incident dementia
Association between beverage consumption and risk of rheumatoid arthritis
The anti-inflammatory effects of a Mediterranean diet: a review
Mediterranean diet and its association with cardiovascular disease risk factors
Diet-wide association study of 92 foods and nutrients and lung cancer risk
Alcohol intake as a risk factor for acute stroke: The INTERSTROKE study
Alcohol consumption and the risk of mortality and myocardial infarction in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Associations between alcohol consumption and anxiety, depression, and health-related quality of life in colorectal cancer survivors
Alcohol and cardiovascular diseases—pattern and dose
Mediterranean diet and thyroid: An interesting alliance
Alcohol intake and the risk of glioma
A healthy lifestyle may help former smokers lower their risk of death from all causes
September 2022
Smoking is positively related and alcohol consumption is negatively related to an increased risk of Meniere’s disease
Diet change may make biggest impact on reducing heart risk in people with hypertension
Meta-analysis of alcohol consumption and venous thromboembolism
Red wine improves cardiovascular function and oxidative stress of the hypertensive-SHR and diabetic-STZ rats
Association of change in alcohol consumption with risk of ischemic stroke
A longitudinal evaluation of increasing or lowering alcohol intake throughout adulthood and colorectal cancer risk
Do we know what moderate alcohol consumption is? The particular case of beer
The relationship between alcohol use and dementia in adults aged more than 60 years
Association between changes in alcohol consumption and cancer risk
The melatonin contained in beer can provide health benefits
Associations of combined healthy lifestyles with cancer morbidity and mortality among individuals with diabetes
Is alcohol consumption associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular events in patients treated with statins?
LATEST REVIEWS from International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

Critique 259:  Importance of consuming alcohol (especially wine) with meals in relation to the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus – 30 November 2022

Critique 258.  Do the calories in alcoholic beverages increase the risk of obesity? - 2 November 2022

Critique 257:  Does statin use modify potential beneficial effects of moderate alcohol consumption on cardiovascular risk?   —   21 September 2022
Critique 256:  Alcohol consumption and health outcomes among 70 year olds in Sweden –22 August 2022

Critique 255:  Wine consumption and the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly – 29 June 2022

Critique 254 – Adjusting for underreporting of alcohol intake in epidemiologic studies - 5 January 2022

Critique 253 – The relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of glioma tumors of the brain - 5 January 2022
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