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The liver and alcohol
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Alcohol and the liver by Helena Conibear (Aug 2019)

Associations between alcohol consumption and hepatic steatosis (Sep 2021)
The combined effect of alcohol and BMI on risk of chronic liver disease (Dec 2020)
The interaction of alcohol consumption and obesity in hepatic steatosis and mortality (Dec 2020)
Effects of low ethanol consumption on nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in mice (July 2020)
Risks of light and moderate alcohol use in fatty liver disease (May 2020)

Alcohol consumption and risk of liver cirrhosis (Sep 2019)

Association of alcohol consumption with prevalence of fatty liver after adjustment for dietary patterns (Sep 2019)

Risks of light and moderate alcohol use in fatty liver disease (Aug 2019)

The liver - a complex diagnosis by Helena Conibear
Colder, darker climates increase alcohol consumption and liver disease (Dec 2018)
Modest alcohol consumption may reduce mortality in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (Nov 2018)
Coffee and wine consumption is associated with reduced mortality from alcoholic liver disease (Oct 2018)
Chronic moderate alcohol consumption relieves high-fat high-cholesterol diet-induced liver fibrosis in a rat model (June 2018)
Light alcohol consumption has the potential to suppress hepatocellular injury and liver fibrosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

(Jan 2018)
More alcohol, more liver injury: Not always true (Nov 2017)
Risk of chronic liver disease in post-menopausal women due to body mass index, alcohol and their interaction (Aug 2017)
Is moderate alcohol use in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease good or bad? (May 2017)
Alcohol consumption and risk of fatty liver disease: a meta-analysis (Nov 2016)
Low to moderate lifetime alcohol consumption is associated with less advanced stages of fibrosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (Nov 2016)
Ethnic variations in liver- and alcohol-related disease hospitalisations and mortality in Scotland (May 2016)
Regular excessive alcohol consumption damages the liver by allowing bacteria to infiltrate (Feb 2016)

Moderate alcohol consumption diminishes the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) (Jul 2015)
Genetics of alcoholic cirrhosis – GenomALC multinational study (Jul 2015)
Modest alcohol consumption reduces the incidence of fatty liver in men (Jul 2015)
World Cancer Research Fund report – Alcohol and Liver Cancer (Apr 2015)
Roles of alcohol consumption in fatty liver: a longitudinal study (Apr 2015)
Epidemiology of alcoholic liver disease in Denmark 2006–2011: A population-based study(Apr 2015)
Ethnic differences in presentation and severity of alcoholic liver disease (Apr 2015)
The pattern of alcohol consumption and risk of cirrhosis — (February 2015)
Modest alcohol consumption decreases non-alcoholic fatty liver disease risk (Aug 2014)

The detection and intervention for alcohol-related liver disease in the community (Feb 2014)

Studies confirm link between alcohol, weight and liver disease in women (June 2013)
Recent trends in the epidemiology of alcoholic liver disease (June 2013)
Association of water softness and heavy alcohol consumption with higher hospital admission rates for alcoholic liver disease (Dec 2012)
Modest alcohol consumption may reduce liver fat content (Sep 2012)
Drinkers in soft water areas at higher risk of alcohol related liver disease (Sep 2012)
Traffic-light blood test shows hidden alcohol harm (Sep 2012)
Alcohol drinking and primary liver cancer: A pooled analysis of four Japanese cohort studies (Sep 2012)
Risk and severity of liver disease reduced by modest alcohol consumption (May 2012)
Genes modify the risk of liver disease among alcoholics (Jan 2012)
Liver disease is less prevalent  than cancer and cardiovascular diseases as cause of death in heavy drinkers (Jan 2012)
Social class and changes in mortality from liver cirrhosis over the 20th century
Greater than moderate alcohol intake increases the risk of liver cirrhosis  (Oct 2010)
Body mass index and risk of liver cirrhosis in middle aged UK women: prospective study
Drinking patterns, dependency and life-time drinking history in alcohol-related liver disease
Alcohol, liver enzymes and risk for type 2 diabetes
Resveratrol prevents fat accumulation in livers of alcoholic mice
Modest wine drinking may decrease non alcoholic fatty liver disease
‘Liver holiday’ may benefit drinkers
Drug 'may reverse liver disease'
Drinking coffee may be related to a reduced risk of developing the liver disease alcoholic cirrhosis
Alcohol abuse can jeopardise transplants
Alcohol may have a greater effect on women's livers
Patterns of Drinking and Liver Disease
The Liver and Genetics Seminar Review By Dr Bernard Dixon OBE
Drink a Little, Eat a Little, And Nurture Your Liver
By Harvey E. Finkel, M.D
Who gets Alcoholic Liver Disease: Nature or Nurture?
Body weight, alcohol consumption and liver enzyme activity
Genetic and acquired factors that influence individual susceptibility to alcohol-associated liver disease
Alcohol and regeneration of the liver
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