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Moderate Drinking
Global Authoritative Drinking Guidelines on Moderation: Understanding Potential Risks and Benefits for the Individual and Public at Large
Low-to-moderate alcohol intake associated with lower risk of incidental depressive symptoms (Aug 2021)
Alcohol intake and total mortality in 142,960 individuals from the MORGAM project (July 2021)
Mediterranean diet, alcohol-drinking pattern and their combined effect on all-cause mortality: the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra (SUN) cohort (Apr 2021)
Benefits and hazards of alcohol − the J-shaped curve and public health (Mar 2021)
Alcohol consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and mortality (Mar 2021)
Effects of different patterns of alcohol consumption on risk of mortality, major cardiovascular events, cirrhosis, and cancer (Jan 2021)
Wine intake in the framework of a Mediterranean Diet and chronic non-communicable diseases (Nov 2020)
Alcohol consumption and dietary intake (Oct 2020)
Telomere length and its relationships with lifestyle and behavioural factors (Oct 2020)
Mediterranean diet, alcohol-drinking pattern and their combined effect on all-cause mortality (Aug 2020)
Alcohol consumption and risk of hospitalisations and mortality in the atherosclerosis risk in communities (ARIC) study (July 2020)
Are there health risks from amounts of alcohol referred to as being within “low-risk drinking” guidelines?  (July 2020)
Association of healthy lifestyle with years lived without major chronic diseases (June 2020)
Adherence to a Mediterranean-style eating pattern and risk of diabetes in a U.S. prospective cohort study (June 2020)
Alcohol and Human Health: What Is the Evidence?
Trends in alcohol consumption in relation to cause-specific and all-cause mortality in the US and effectiveness of US Dietary Guidelines for Americans (Mar 2020)
Wine consumption in the Mediterranean Diet Conference (Oct 2019)
Does moderate drinking of alcohol in later life reduce the risk of mortality? (Sep 2019)
Korean alcohol guidelines for moderate drinking based on facial flushing (Sep 2019)
Alcohol consumption trajectories and self-rated health (Sep 2019)
Light to moderate alcohol consumption has an overall beneficial effect for major chronic diseases (Aug 2019)
Steps to Refine the “J-Shaped Curve” by R. Curtis Ellison, MD (June 2019)
The International Wine and Health Summit, UC Davis (May 2019)
Adherence to a Mediterranean dietary pattern is associated with higher quality of life in a cohort of Italian adults (May 2019)
Moderate alcohol consumption and depression - a longitudinal population-based study in Sweden (May 2019)
French and Mediterranean-style diets - A review (Mar 2019)
Alcohol consumption and hospitalisation burden in an adult Italian population (Dec 2018)
An unusual analysis relating alcohol intake to mortality (Oct 2018)
Alcohol consumption and future hospital usage: the EPIC-Norfolk prospective population study (Sep 2018)

Wine: An aspiring agent in promoting longevity and preventing chronic diseases (Sep 2018)

Contribution of red wine consumption to human health protection (Sep 2018)
Moderate alcohol consumption may boost male fertility (Sep 2018)
A global overview of alcohol consumption and health (Aug 2018)
Strong effects of five lifestyle factors on risk of mortality and longevity of life (May 2018)
Long-term effects of smoking and moderate drinking on the quality and longevity of life of elderly women (May 2018)
A meta-analysis on lifestyle factors, cardiovascular disease, and total mortality for a very large number of middle-aged and elderly women (Apr 2018)
Impact of alcohol intake and drinking patterns on mortality from all causes and major causes of death in a japanese population (Apr 2018)

Association between changes in lifestyle and all-cause mortality: the health and lifestyle study (Apr 2018)

Follow-up of an age-period-cohort analysis on alcohol-related mortality trends in Sweden 1970–2015 with predictions to 2025 (Jan 2018)
Importance of considering cultural factors in determining effects on health of alcohol consumption (Oct 2017)
AWRI report - WineHealth 2017 - Navigating the health effects of alcohol consumption  (Sep 2017)
A very large population-based study of the association of alcohol consumption with total and disease-specific mortality (Sep 2017)
Moderate drinking improves the chances for healthy survival to age 85 (Sep 2017)
The marked effect of lifestyle on mortality (Aug 2017)
The population health benefits of a healthy lifestyle: Life expectancy increased and onset of disability delayed (Aug 2017)
Combined impact of healthy lifestyle factors on lifespan (Aug 2017)
Potential mechanisms for the greater risk and fewer health advantages from alcohol consumption for subjects with low socio-economic status (May 2017)
Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with lower chronic disease burden expressed in disability-adjusted life years (May 2017)
Update on the J-shaped Curve for the Relation of Alcohol Intake to Health (Mar 2017)
Phylogenetic profile of gut microbiota in healthy adults after moderate intake of red wine (Jan 2017)
Moderate alcohol consumption and chronic disease: The case for a long-term trial
Is the evidence base really shifting for low risk drinking guidelines? by Creina Stockley, Health & Regulatory Information Manager, The Australian Wine Research Institute
Key findings on alcohol consumption and a variety of health outcomes from the Nurses’ Health Study (Sept 2016)
Associations between alcohol consumption and leukocyte telomere length modified by a common polymorphism of ALDH2 (May 2016)
Consumption of wine with meals and subjective wellbeing: A Finnish population-based study (May 2016)
Effects of moderate beer consumption on health and disease (May 2016)
An unusual analysis of the association of alcohol consumption with mortality (Mar 2016)
The association of alcohol intake with total mortality risk among women (Feb 2016)
J-Shaped Curves and Public Health (Jan 2016)
A New Report on Alcohol Consumption and Total Mortality Risk (Jan 2016)
Blacks may not receive same health benefits from moderate alcohol drinking as whites (Jul 2015)
Comments on Alcohol Recommendations included in the Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (Apr 2015)
Worsening of health and a cessation or reduction in alcohol consumption to special occasion drinking across three decades of the life course
Moderate alcohol consumption stimulates food intake and food reward of savoury foods (Apr 2015)
Life course trajectories of alcohol consumption in the United Kingdom (Apr 2015)
Moderate consumption of red wine can modulate human intestinal inflammatory response (Feb 2015)
To Drink or not to drink: That is the question (Feb 2015)
Lifestyle risk factors and residual life expectancy at age 40 (July 2014)
A large study of alcohol consumption and mortality ( July 2014)
Alcohol consumption over time and risk of death (May 2014)
Does adjustment for stress levels explain the protective effect of moderate drinking on the risk of mortality? (May 2014)
Mediterranean alcohol-drinking pattern and mortality (Apr 2014)
Alcohol consumption and mortality: a dose response analysis in terms of time (Mar 2014)

Wine Information Council 2nd Scientific Conference: Wine in Moderation: from Science to Art de Vivre (Feb 2014)

Estimation of alcohol-attributable and alcohol-preventable mortality in Denmark (Jan 2014)
Pattern of alcohol consumption and cause of death in a large European prospective study (Jan 2014)

A break from alcohol shows health benefits (Jan 2014)

Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a reduced risk of Barrett’s Esophagus (Jan 2014)
Study finds moderate wine drinking leads to healthier sperm (Jan 2014)
Towards an even healthier mediterranean diet (Jan 2014)
Moderate alcohol consumption boosts body’s immune system (Jan 2014)
The J-shaped curve for the relation of alcohol consumption to mortality (Oct 2013)
Key messages from Wine Health 2013 – International Wine and Health Conference, Sydney (Oct 2013)
Alcohol consumption, heavy drinking, and mortality: Rethinking the J-shaped curve (Sept 2013)

Lifestyle factors and inflammation: associations by body mass index (Aug 2013)

Moderate alcohol use and health: A consensus paper (Jun 2013)

Using speed of ageing and “microlives” to communicate the effects of lifetime habits and environment (Mar 2013)

Per-capita alcohol intake and all-cause mortality in Australia (Jan 2013)

Moderate alcohol consumption may lower the risk of developing depression (Jan 2013)

Moderate alcohol consumption may protect against overt autoimmune hypothyroidism: a population-based case-control study (Jan 2013)

Metabolic and biochemical effects of low-to-moderate alcohol consumption (Jan 2013)
Higher indices of quality of life are seen among regular moderate drinkers than among abstainers (Sep 2012)
Health-related quality of life in middle-aged and older adults (Sep 2012)
A statistical model attempting to estimate the level of alcohol consumption that is ‘optimal’ for health (Sep 2012)
Impact of alcohol intake on total mortality and mortality from major causes in Japan (May 2012)
Alcohol and human health: Sorting out the facts... by Creina Stockley MSc MBA (May 2012)

Heart disease or mortality among moderate drinkers who occasionally binge drink in Denmark (Feb 2012)

Alcohol consumption and mortality risks in the USA (Feb 2012)
Are there differences in mortality between people consuming wine and those consuming other types of alcoholic beverages? (Feb 2012)

All-cause mortality rates are lower among moderate drinkers than among abstainers (Sept 2011)

Low-risk lifestyle behaviours and all-cause mortality (Sept 2011)

Following cancer prevention guidelines lowers risk of death from cancer, heart disease and all-cause mortality (June 2011)

Moderate drinking in older adults may reduce mortality risk (April 2011)
Drinking moderately seems to minimise mortality risk in the Japanese population (April 2011)0
Paternalism versus evidence based public health messages - an important debate is aired (March 2011)
Drinking and our health – a review of current evidence, by Helena Conibear (Jan 2011)
Moderate drinking may benefit kidney transplant patients (Jan 2011)
Beer, Mediterranean diet and cardiovascular disease (Jan 2011)
Relationship between alcohol intake and dietary pattern: findings from NHANES III (Nov 2010)
A 42-year-old man considering whether to drink alcohol for his health (Aug 2010)
Mediterranean diet and red wine protect against oxidative damage in young volunteers
Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with other healthy lifestyle factors
Four unhealthy behaviours combine to increase mortality risk
Living longer and feeling better: healthy lifestyle, self rated health, obesity and depression in Ireland
Effect of drinking on adiponectin in healthy men and women
A review of moderate drinking in respect to The Million Women Study by Dr Philip Norrie
More evidence that a mediterranean diet reduces overall mortality risk - Moderate drinking makes the most significant contribution as a positive lifestyle factor
The positive and negative health effects of alcohol - and the public health implications
Alcohol, the eternal fight for balance - Science will win by trusting in moderation by Professor Giovanni de Gaetano , Director of the Research Laboratories at the Catholic University of Campobasso, Italy
Moderate drinkers mortality 28% lower than teetotallers
Moderate drinking stimulates endorphin release
Moderate alcohol consumption may help seniors keep disabilities at bay
Differing health effects related to quantity and frequency of drinking
Moderate alcohol may protect against low bone density and osteoporotic fractures
Light to moderate alcohol consumption and disability: variable benefits by health status
Exploring the health and protective benefits of light to moderate alcohol consumption
Benefits to the heart of moderate alcohol consumption vary depending on lifestyle
Disussions concerning alcohol as an independent protective lifestyle factor
Adherence to mediterranean diet reduces risk of major chronic diseases
Quantity and frequency of drinking influence mortality risk
New middle-age moderate drinkers, lower risk of heart disease
Decrease moderate drinking and health status declines
Mediterranean dietary pattern and prediction of all-cause mortality in a US population. Results from the NIH-AARP diet and health study
Study finds both drinking and exercise healthy
Combined impact of health behaviours and mortality in men and women: The EPIC-Norfolk Prospective Population Study
Moderate wine consumption may help boost women’s health
Review of recent presentations on the mediterranean diet by R Curtis Ellison, MD Institute on Lifestyle & Health, Boston University School of Medicine
Mediterranean Diet and Healthy Lifestyle Associated with a Significant Reduction in Death Rate
Moderate drinkers most likely to report better health
Alcoholic beverage preference, 29 year mortality, and quality of life in men in old age
Drinking levels and death: How much is safe?
Alcohol and total mortality in men and women - an updated meta analysis of 34 prospective studies
Italian study suggests that alcohol in moderation may extend life
Older women may benefit from moderate drinking
Moderate Drinkers use doctors and out patient clinics less than non-drinkers
Healthy lifestyle factors in the primary prevention of coronary heart disease among men
Research suggests systematic error in prospective studies relating to moderate alcohol use and reduced mortality
US survey shows moderate drinkers have lower risk of chronic ailments
Safe Limits, Upper And Lower By Harvey E. Finkel, M.D
Mediterranean Diet Leads to Longer Life
Moderate alcohol consumption associated with significantly lower rates of cardiac events and longer survival, independent of its anti-inflammatory effect
Why drinking pattern matters - Emerging Research on Alcohol, Drinking Patterns, Diet Quality and Health by Elisabeth Holmgren
NIAAA Releases Position Paper on Moderate Alcohol Consumption
Effects of alcohol consumption on health in early adulthood and the psychological characteristics of abstainers and alcohol consumers by Dr Philip Norrie
Mortality in England and Wales Attributable to Alcohol Consumption
Moderately Drinking Women Found to be in Overall Better Health
The Benefits of Moderate Alcohol Consumption are Confirmed
Alcohol Consumption and Mortality Risk Association in Switzerland
New research from Hawaii finds alcohol's mortality benefits cross ethnic lines
NIAAA Releases Position Paper on Moderate Alcohol Consumption
Corporate Social Leadership
An update of evidence of the specific benefits of alcohol consumption
Creina S. Stockley, The Australian Wine Research Institute
The case against MODERATIONISM
By Stuart Walton
Potential cardiovascular benefits of moderate wine consumption
by Creina Stockley, The Australian Wine Research Institute
Continuing Reluctance to accept emerging scientific data on alcohol and health by R. Curtis Ellison M.D
Everything in moderation - the smart thing to do
By Dr. Erik Skovenborg
Relative to Moderate Drinkiers, Abstainers and occassional drinkers are characterised by factors leading to higher levels of depression and anxiety.
Health and social benefits of moderate drinking
Conference report by Dr Erik Skovenborg
Moderate Drinking Appears to be Associated with Higher Bone Density in Elderly Women
In light drinkers, a moderate increase in Consumption may lower the risk of CVD
Japanese Senior Citizens Benefit from Drinking Wine in Moderation
'The Effect of beer drinking on risk of myocardial infarction: population based case-control study' BMJ 2000;320:1378-1379 (20 May)
US survey shows moderate drinkers have lower risk of chronic ailments
Red wine versus white wine - is there a difference in health benefit? by Dr Philp Norrie
Wine and Health - The current picture by Harvey E. Finkel, M.D.
An Update on Alcohol and Health by Dr R. Curtis Ellison
Moderate Beer consumption and health benefits
Light to moderate alcohol consumption and mortality
Drinking and health in whole populations - Benefits not limited to older age-groups by George Winstanley
Drinking, laughter and health by Dr Geoff Lowe, Psychologist, University of Hull, England
The tyranny of experts by Morris E Chafetz,M.D.
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