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Old Age and Alcohol

Alcohol and Alzheimer's/ dementia - last updated Dec 2020

SUMMARY PAPER: Should we drink in old age and if so, how much? Interpreting the evidence base by Dr Erik Skovenborg (Nov 2018)

Association between combined lifestyle factors and healthy ageing in Chinese adults (March 2021)
Predictors of frailty and vitality in older adults aged 75 years and over (Jan 2021)
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Relationship of moderate alcohol intake and type of beverage with health behaviours and quality of life in elderly subjects (Feb 2016)
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Alcohol consumption and the elderly, do adult responsible drinking guidelines apply?
by Dr Erik Skovenborg, The Scandinavian Medical Alcohol Board

Influence of individual and combined healthy behaviours on successful aging (Jan 2013)
Higher levels of alcohol intake may increase risk of age-related macular degeneration, with no effect from moderate drinking (Sep 2012)

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Moderate alcohol intake is associated with lower risk of total mortality than are either abstinence or heavy drinking for older adults (Nov 2010)
Alcohol and ageing – can we continue to drink?
by Creina Stockley, Health and Regulatory Information Manager, The Australian Wine Research Institute (Nov 2010)
Moderate drinking in the elderly is associated with lower total mortality  (Oct 2010)       
Alcohol use and mortality in older men and women (Oct 2010)

The best is yet to be by Harvey E. Finkel, MD (Aug 2010)

People may change to a ‘healthier’ pattern of drinking as they age (Aug 2010)
Alcohol consumption and kidney function decline in the elderly: alcohol and kidney disease (July 2010)
Good cheer for Christmas - there are some benefits to getting older!
Alcohol and mobility in the elderly
Regular alcohol consumption is associated with increasing quality of life and mood in older men and women
Older drinkers more affected by alcohol
Moderate alcohol consumption may help seniors keep disabilities at bay
Alcohol cuts risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis
Moderate drinking could strengthen bones
No need for reduced alcohol consumption in later life
Alcohol use, bone density, and hip fractures in older adults
Alcoholic beverage preference, 29-year mortality, and quality of life in men in old age
Alcohol consumption among older adults in primary care
Wine - bane or boon for the elderly by Erik Skovenborg, MD
>What level of alcohol consumption is hazardous for older people? Functioning and mortality in US and English national cohorts
Alcohol use, physical performance, and functional limitations in older men
A drink to healthy aging: The association between older women’s use of alcohol and their health related quality of life
Alcohol consumption and risk of coronary heart disease in older adults
>Seminar on the effects of drinking on older people - briefing note by Dr Bernard Dixon
Reports relating to alcohol consumption and its effects on older people published towards the end of 2005
Socio-Economic and Health Characteristics of Elderly Alcohol Beverage Consumers
Fruits, Vegetables, Cereal and Wines May Protect Bones
Lifestyle and old age in Denmark by Dr Erik Skovenborg
"Women & Alcohol"
A report by Dr Erik Skovenborg on the 2nd Alcohol and Health Symposium, Sweden
Alcohol may protect against Rheumatoid Arthritis
Moderate Drinking boosts IQ
An update on the Dubbo study - Alcohol and the Elderly
by Dr Philip Norrie
Exploring the relationship between alcohol consumption and risk of mortality in the elderly
Drinking and old age
Important New Evidence on Drinking and old age
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