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Recommendations of the Spanish Society of Neurology for the prevention of stroke: Interventions on lifestyle and air pollution

A study was conducted in order to update the recommendations of the Spanish Society of Neurology regarding lifestyle interventions for stroke prevention.
Researchers reviewed the most recent studies related to lifestyle and stroke risk, including randomised clinical trials, population studies, and meta-analyses. The risk of stroke associated with such lifestyle habits as smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, diet, obesity, and sedentary lifestyles was analysed, and the potential benefits for stroke prevention of modifying these habits were reviewed. The association between stroke risk and exposure to air pollution was also examined. Based on the results obtained, recommendations were drafted for each of the lifestyle habits analysed.
The authors say that lifestyle modification constitutes a cornerstone in the primary and secondary prevention of stroke. Abstinence or cessation of smoking, cessation of excessive alcohol consumption, avoidance of exposure to chronic stress, avoidance of overweight or obesity, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil and nuts, and regular exercise are essential measures in reducing the risk of stroke. They also recommend implementing policies to reduce air pollution.
Source: García Pastor A, López-Cancio Martínez E, Rodríguez-Yáñez M, Alonso de Leciñana M, Amaro S, Arenillas JF, Ayo-Martín O, Castellanos M, Fuentes B, Freijo MM, Gomis M, Gómez Choco M, Martínez Sánchez P, Morales A, Palacio-Portilla EJ, Segura T, Serena J, Vivancos-Mora J, Roquer J; Comité ad hoc del Grupo de Estudio de Enfermedades Cerebrovasculares de la Sociedad Española de Neurología. Recommendations of the Spanish Society of Neurology for the prevention of stroke. Interventions on lifestyle and air pollution. Neurologia. 2021 Jun;36(5):377-387. English, Spanish. .
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